Events & News – 9/12/08

Friday – September 12, 2008


Gov Sarah Palin tells Charles Gibson that Sen Obama might regret not picking Sen Clinton as his vice presidential running mate.  Interviews shown on ABC World News tonight at 6:30 PM ET, a special edition of 20/20 at 10:00 PM ET, and Nightline at 11:35 PM ET

View excerpt bridge embarassment interview here 
View excerpt of environment and energy policy interview here

p.s. Head Lipstick Piggy was a Hillary Supporter in the primaries.  Boy do I have a lot of DVR to do tonight!

McCain/Palin AdObama and Sexism – Morning Joe “It’s Not Made Up”

John McCain on The ViewBarbara Walters asks tough questions about Sarah Palin, McCain challenges The View to invite Obama to joint Town Hall meetings

John McCain on The ViewMore tough questions – Rowe v Wade and constitution

John and Cindy McCain on The ViewCindy’s views on John, John’s administration includes all people – don’t have to agree.  People want us to work together. How many houses put to rest.  How engage young people?


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