Events & News – 9/23/08

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rasmussen Reports

State McCain Obama
Florida 51% 46%
Ohio 50% 46%
Virginia 50% 48%
Michigan 44% 51%
Pennsylvania 45% 48%

Only 28% of Americans believe in the Bail Out Plan


Bill Clinton on FOX – On the Record 10:00 PM ET


Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: oversized bags, food and beverages of any kind, weapons, and signs (homemade or otherwise). The U.S. Secret Service reserves the right to prohibit any other items they deem hazardous.



Sarah Palin – New York

As previously reported, on Tuesday she will meet with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, and Dr. Kissinger. In separate meetings.



Michelle Obama – Madison Women’s Week of Action Rally – Madison, WI- Doors open 9:00 AM- program starts at 10:00 AM- Tickets not required

GAR Memorial Park at Camp Randall
1440 Monroe Street
Madison, WI 53711

Barack Obama – Campaign Event – Green Bay, WI – Doors open 9:00 AM – program starts at Noon- Tickets not required

Resch Center
1901 S. Oneida Street
Green Bay, WI

Michelle Obama– Wisconsin Women’s Week of Action Rally– West Allis, WI- Doors open 3:30 PM

Field House
West Allis Central High School
8516 West Lincoln Ave
West Allis, WI

Joe Biden– No events on website


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