Money Saving Tips|Coupons|Trade-Barter|Yard Sales

Surviving the Volatile Economy

We from Lipstick Piggy are working with you to change our Economy.  We are scouring the internet to bring you the best prices for the things you want and need for your family.  In addition, we are adding money making activities you can take today to bring money into your home.


Today’s Money Saving Tips – Coupons

We found many coupon sites that would allow you to print coupons and take them to your local grocery store. 

Favorite Coupon sites – our favorite site

Pillsbury Coupons – Direct from General Mills (Pillsbury, Progresso, Betty Crocker, Yoplait, and more) – a free service of AOL

Tip:  Go to the website of your favorite manufacturer of consumer packaged goods and see if they have any coupons or specials that you can take advantage of.


 Coupon Sites to avoid

Eversave — way too intrusive in your life — after 20 screens of questions, I wondered if it would ever end.  I closed the browser.


Trade and Barter

Go to your local Farmers Market and see if you can barter or trade for the things you want.

Trashbank – advertise your trade $1 for 30 days – join is free. Small fee for transactions. – no fees, Service Provider, Small Businesses and Consumers

Craigslist – of course any trade, barter and sell list would not be complete without the beloved Craigslist


Garage/Yard Selling

Autumn is here and it is a great time to clear the garage and your closets before the weather gets too cold for shoppers.  Below are some tips for having a successful yard/garage sale.

  1. 2 Weeks before your Yard Sale, set aside some space in your garage or house to sort and price items.
  2. Put a price on everything or at least on the category of things (DVDs, Books). Expect people to want to barter.  Set your bottom line in your mind.  This may change as your day wears on.  If your buyer wants to barter at 8AM and you don’t want to — it is okay to say, “I think it’s worth the price.  If the item is still here at 2PM, I’ll consider lowering it then.”
  3. Advertise online.  My favorite is Craigslist.  Do it on Wednesday or you may miss some staunch shoppers.
  4. Make visible signs.  I take an easy to read font like Arial, blow it up as big as I can and put one letter on each page.  I then print out left and right arrows (lots of them).  Glue these to cardboard and put around the neighborhood (starting at your busiest street).  At the end of the day, take down your signs and save for the next sale.
  5. Make a one page flyer with reminder strips you can tear off and post at your local grocery store, laundry mat and other places locals may go.
  6. Find a friend to have the sale with.  You will have more cool stuff to sell but also this is more fun to do with a friend.  One of you can be the hard nose and the other the deal maker.
  7. Timing your Yard/Garage sale is probably one of the more important aspects of good selling.  Do you have a major employer in your area?  If so, find out when they have payday and time your sale to land close to that day.
  8. Start early and end early.  The reality is that most sales happen before 2PM with the bulk about an hour or two after you open.  Those mainstream yard salers will be at your door before you open.  Be prepared.  Don’t torture yourself by staying open until 4 or 5 PM.
  9. Do not create the never-ending story.  Only do it for one day.  Repeat for one more weekend day if you have enough items to do so.  Only have 1-2 sales per quarter/season.
  10. Pricing guidelines – a general rule of thumb is 1/3 the price you paid for the item if less than 5 years old and new looking.  If older (and not a collectible) or well-loved — you will be lucky to sell the item.  As with selling a used car, clean it up before you put it out.  I never price anything less than $1.  It may be 4 for $1.  But the lowest amount is $1.  I don’t like mountains of change.  If someone wants to pay $.50 — I upsell them with something else to make $1.  Of course your local yard sale market may have a lower bottom price. Stay with the norm.  Buyers like to feel comfortable and that they are getting a great deal
  11. Put like items near each other.  Put all of the baby things with each other, etc.   You’ll help create impulse buying that way. 
  12. Look for shopping bait items you can have closest to the street to catch the eye of potential buyers. 
  13. Put away anything you don’t want to sell
  14. Fill empty spots on tables as they become empty.  Remove tables you no longer need.
  15. Keep your money close. Wear a fanny pack or carpenters belt for your money.  Have plenty of change available.  If possible, start out with $50 of change.  Some people recommend up to $100 in change.  I’ve never needed that much.
  16. Save your grocery bags for your yard sale event.
  17. For small electric household appliances, have an outlet people can try out the item with.
  18. Newspaper ads.  I’ve never used one.  However, in some markets, you may need to use newspaper ads.  You can split the cost of this, if you share your sale with one or more friends.




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