In response to Oprah’s unwillingness to remove political bias aside and truly support the rise of women in America, the Florida Federation of Republican Women launched a boycott of the Oprah Winfrey TV show and O Magazine.  

We democrats, republicans and independents call for a REAL BOYCOTT that will get the attention of the media and those that fund Oprah’s initiatives.  This is to target specific businesses that sponsor the Oprah Winfrey TV show.  This blog begins to identify those sponsors and specifically the brands that promote her.  Suggestions for alternatives are suggested and encouraged. 

Each day in this political campaign, we will feature a product/company or other venture that sponsors Oprah.

If you know of a sponsor’s product/brand we have missed – please add them in the comments.  Vulgar comments will be removed from the blog.  The community page is a place for you to add your name or your group’s name to ours (Lipstick Piggies)  in support of what the Florida Federation of Republican Women started.

Let’s crack this glass ceiling together and show the world that a lipstick packing candidate is just as viable as one with a jock strap!

Yours in solidarity,

Head Lipstick Piggy
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This blog is not associated with the Florida Federation of Republican Women



  1. Hi there,

    Let’s link to each other to provide readers with the best coverage. What do you think?



  2. Check out this other boycott of Oprah for her everyday radio show endorsement of a book written by a pedophile and pedophile cult leader, who Oprah claims speaks for Jesus Christ. It’s crazy!


  3. I am an independent. For me, this is not about just Sarah Palin. Oprah has said that she does not want to use her show as a political platform. She already has…she did have Obama on her show. She has the power to do the right thing and have John McCain on too. The fact that she justified this by saying she also refused Michelle Obama makes her look even more rediculous. Michelle is not running for VP, or any office, she’s simply a tag-along. Oprah, don’t insult our intelligence by trying to make it sound like you were being fair. I use to respect her but she is part of the bias main stream media.
    I, also, cannot believe she would support a person with the questionable associations that Obama has, ie, Ayers, a domestic terrorist, Rev Wright, preacher of an anti-white, black elitis church, Resko, Frank Marshall, communist. The only assumption I can make is that her support is based on color.

  4. Please lets encourage boycotting the sponsors of the LA Times until the LA Times provide the Obama video or transcript the public is asking for. The LA Times should not censor the news w/prejudice! Great job w/the Oprah boycott!!!

    Edward Chase

  5. If you believe Obama will lower taxes for the middle class then why is it obama and biden can’t make up there mind has to what they think middle class cap should be. first it was 250,000, then on his infomercial he said 200,000 and biden said yesterday $150,000 and then I heard Obama’s rep say $120,000. These are out of the mouth of your wonderful canidate. There really is no number he is LIEING TO YOU ALL!!! He is going to raise taxes on families making 42,000. believe it. He already voted for it. Look it up its in hsi voting records. Don’t ignore it.
    And for the record. Obama has been in the Senate for three years. Oh but wait hasn’t he been running for PRESIDENT FOR TWO OF THEM!!! Wow thats a lot of experience. And you and the media want to attack a GOVERNOR which had to handle 18 BILLION dollar budget with 72,000 Employees. Fought her own party, and WON!!! And lower taxes. and has a 82% Favorable rating in Alaska.. GOOD TRY!!! You will see the truth on November 4th.

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