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Voter Fraud in New Mexico | Do you know these people? | Palestra


The Newest “New Mexicans?”

Shelby Holliday reporting from New Mexico (2008-11-03 08:53:29)

It is not the media’s job to determine who has commited wrongdoing… or in this case, election fraud.

What we can do is present the facts as we are aware of them and allow the readers and viewers to draw their own conclusions. Please note that I am not accusing any of these people of voting illegally nor am I challenging their status as a New Mexico resident; that’s not our job at What we are attempting to do is simply point out examples of people whose available information suggests, based on the law interpreted by the New Mexico Secretary of State, that they may have registered and in some cases voted illegally. Prosecuting attorneys and the courts will have to decide that fact.

The following people recently registered to vote in New Mexico and some of them already cast absentee ballots:


We already discussed Mr. Adamski in previous blogs and videos, but here’s a review: According to his bio (, Adamski previously lived in Chicago and graduated from the University of Illinois in 1998. In late 2006 or early 2007, Adamski moved to Los Angeles where he began working as a web producer for FOX Broadcasting Company. Furthermore, he was a Democratic delegate and represented the state of California- NOT New Mexico- at the Democratic National Convention just 2 months ago. According to Obama spokesperson Carlos Sanchez, Adamski is a paid employee of the Obama campaign. Adhering to campaign policy, Sanchez wouldn’t make any further comments about Adamski. Adamski registered to vote as a resident of New Mexico on October 5th, and he also requested an absentee ballot. We were unable to speak with Adamski due to campaign policy.


According to an article written in the STANFORD DAILY titled “Breaking Out Of The Bubble,” Shih is an undergrad at Stanford University, and he took a year off to campaign for Obama. The article reads: “For the last year and a half, Shih has been working to promote the Obama campaign all across the country. Before the primaries, he worked as a field organizer in Nevada, Utah, Texas, Mississippi and North Carolina. He is currently a regional field director in New Mexico.” (

Shih has also worked in the Asian American community. Another article on the Stanford website titled “Meet The Fellows” states:

“After leaving the Midwest to spend a summer interning at the Chinese Progressive Association in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Daniel Shih (’09, Political Science) developed an interest in fighting for Asian American issues at the grassroots, community level.” (

During my research I was not able to find anything that made Shih as a qualified resident of New Mexico. He registered to vote in Bernalillo County but does not show up on the state’s absentee ballot database (According to officials, that database is not working properly.) We are looking into whether or not he cast a ballot in New Mexico.

I emailed Shih yesterday morning and have not heard back.


These two young women are both ’08 graduates of UC San Diego and were previously registered to vote in San Diego. They are both campaigning for Obama in New Mexico as well, and they registered to vote at the same address in Albuquerque. While social networking sites are not the be-all-end-all of residency, neither girl belongs to a network related to New Mexico. Furthermore, Mata has a “Myspace Calendar” that indicates her future plans. It reads:


Nov. 7, 2008: SAN DIEGO

Nov. 10, 2008: BAY AREA

Dec. 2, 2008: ITALY

Mata does indicate that she is in Albuquerque on her myspace page: We tried to stop by the home at which these girls are registered for comment, but it was located on a private drive and thus we were not legally permitted to shoot video on that private property. I called Raquel and she confirmed the fact that she registered and voted in New Mexico. However, when I asked her when she arrived and when she planned on leaving, she told me she couldn’t answer any further questions due to campaign policy.


According to her Facebook profile, Feinberg’s hometown is Palo Alto, CA and she graduated from Berkeley in 2007. Also according to her Facebook profile- Feinberg traveled to Santa Fe, NM on August 6 to work as an Obama staffer. She recently registered to vote at the address of “SCHMIDT, PAUL B & ELISE WHELES” in Santa Fe County (according to the Santa Fe Assessor’s website). According to the Santa Fe County Clerk, another Obama volunteer registered to vote at this address as well. I called Samantha but she said she was not allowed to speak with media.


Liroff registered to vote in at the same address as Samantha Feinberg in Santa Fe, NM. According to his Facebook profile, he arrived in New Mexico in July to work as a Field Organizer for the Obama campaign. Prior to that, Liroff worked for the campaign in Philadelphia and Indianapolis. Liroff is from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and is a graduate of Dartmouth. Aside from his campaign work in New Mexico, I can’t find anything else that ties him to the state. According to his Facebook wall, he voted on October 29th. I emailed Michael and have not yet heard from him.


These are just some of New Mexico’s recently registered voters that appear to be out-of-state volunteers and staffers. If we are missing something, we need to know. Unfortunately, a “no comment” by EITHER presidential campaign only leads to more speculation of voter fraud.

According to the New Mexico Secretary of State, Mary Herrera (D), no temporary campaign worker or volunteer is eligible to register and vote in the state. If an individual does not have the intent of making New Mexico their permanent residence, they can not vote.

This might be a problem, considering the fact that the Bernalillo County Clerk told us that there are no mechanisms in place to catch such out-of-state voters. is currently looking into more individuals on both the Obama and McCain campaigns, as well as other organizations that could have potentially taken advantage of New Mexico’s lack of residency verification.

As Senator Obama said in an interview with Katie Couric of CBS News when discussing the legal residence of his aunt in Boston and her status as a U.S. immigrant, he said, “We are a nation of laws… I’m a strong believer you have to obey the law.”


Side note:

Much of my research on voter fraud has started with the examination of Facebook groups. Shortly after writing my last blog, Facebook terminated my account.

Facebook has strong ties to the Obama campaign; it’s co-founder Chris Hughes is the coordinator of, and some of Facebook’s employees are working for Obama in New Mexico and across the country, you have to wonder… is this a coincidence?

Original article can be found at:


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