Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | November 3, 2008

Our Daily API Fix | API Gives FOX Ultimatum | Show Tape in 6 hours

Editors Note:  Half of me really wants this tape to air.  Half of me wonder if it is a fake tape aimed to take down Sean and Greta (like poor Dan Rather experienced).  So if it is “real” then I can see any network taking its time.

API chose Fox News Network as a partner in Michelle Obama tapes’ deal, due to the advise received from all the readers who informed API that the News outlet was one we could trust to air the tape unedited.

Now that the Network has not done as agreed on the 28th of last month, API remains with only one choice in order to force the issue to be resolved immediately. The choice API has now chosen is to give an ultimatum to Fox News Network and hope the situation will be resolved in a few hours to come.

Today afternoon, API took a bold step to give Fox News Network a six hours ultimatum to decide on an immediate release of the tape – “that the tape be aired as soon as possible, latest tomorrow the 3rd of November if it has to have any value in connection with the US Presidential elections taking place on Tuesday the 4th of this month.

In a strong worded letter dictated by API’s Canadian Counsel, Fox News Network has been given the ultimatum to come to its senses and respect the agreement reached in New York on the 28th of October.

API has reminded Fox News Network of the responsibilities that the News outlet took upon themselves in connection with the Michelle Obama tape.

API is not ready to give up on this. The tape must be aired as agreed by the parties. This tape has caused a lot of headache to many people. Demands to release the tape has been enormous and some people have gone as far as getting angered because they do not think the deal is there, and have resorted to the assumption that API is pulling their legs.

Any denials by any one in Fox News Network that seeks to embarrass API will not be taken lightly. Any such denials will be treated as a breach of contract and API will not hesitate taking legal action against the Network. We view the tape as a very important instrument that will serve to enlighten a number of people whose total interest is to have a leadership that earns their trust and will serve them diligently no matter what their beliefs are in today’s America.

The ultimatum has been necessitated by the News outlet’s laxity in taking a decision favourable to the political environment that many voters finds themselves in, after discovering that there is a taped conversation bearing the voice of their “probably incoming First Lady.”

We still hope that our readers and the American people who are interested to listen to Michelle Obama’s voice will not be deprived of that opportunity and we are hopeful that the tape will be aired latest tomorrow the 3rd of November., unless Fox News Network chooses to remain arrogant and deny the American people the right to listen to the tape and interpret the meaning of the contents themselves before the main election day on the following day. 

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  1. Again – everybody make no mistake – THIS IS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!
    Reductionism at work: this time won’t be thousands of tapes and thousands of recorded hours and hundreds of hearings like Watergate.
    This time everything will be reduced to the utter limits.
    suicide bombers and Laws of End Times Reductionism, from Richard M. Nixon to Barack H. Obama

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