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Voter Fraud in Bulk? | Palestra


Voter Fraud In Bulk?

Tiffany Wilson reporting from Albuquerque, NM (2008-11-01 17:24:50)

My mom likes to shop in bulk, it’s easier and saves time. So far, much of the string of fraudulent ballots and questionable votes we’ve reported have been anecdotal stories tripping one after the other.

Here’s the no-time-to-browse- Sam’s Club version: In Ohio, John McCain has 45 offices, Obama for America has 82. According to Obama’s Ohio attorney Tom Rosenberg, about 700 Obama staffers have jumped into the state to get out the vote.

Of the Obama offices, four are in the Columbus metropolitian area of Franklin County. Already more than a dozen Obama employees have withdrawn their votes. That’s roughly three individuals who registered without residency for each office in Franklin County. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien issued letters of inquiry to many more.

Also in Franklin County, 13 individuals who ran the grassroots, progressive get-out-the-vote organization Vote From Home, have withdrawn their registrations and votes.

Vote Today Ohio – a similar pro-Obama get out the vote organization targeting Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati – has withdrawn their ballots as well. Two of the founders withdrew before their ballots were opened, a third filed to cancel his registration after his ballot was opened. His vote will count – O’Brien must determine how or if to prosecute for voter fraud.

Last week, the Franklin County Board of Elections hand delivered roughly 150 letters to individuals with questionable residency. We’ve learned at least three more withdrawals have come from those letters.

We’ve heard of investigations in other parts of the state as well. I’ve heard that at least two other individuals with connections to the Obama campaign withdrew their ballots yesterday in Crawford County. Other on-going investigations into out-of-state Obama campaigners registering are underway in other counties as well.

Ohio total ballots/registrations withdrawn: 34 and counting

Move on to New Mexico:

Obama for America has 39 offices across the state. McCain has nine.

Doing a little sixth grade long division – Ohio’s 82 Obama offices are manned by 700 people. That means about 8.5 people per office. So, if we multiply 8.5 times the 39 offices in New Mexico, there should be roughly 330 Obama folks in the Land of Enchantment. Granted – this is just a rough estimate and the real number could be much higher or lower. I asked a campaign spokesperson the number of people working in the state, he said, “no comment.”

Again, more than a dozen people affiliated with the Obama campaign in Ohio’s Franklin County now admit they were not qualified to register. That’s three withdrawn, improper votes per office– and that’s just the ones that have been caught and admitted their errors. Is the same statistic true for the dozens of other campaign offices across the rest of Ohio and New Mexico? And if it is, who’s going to stop their votes from counting before Election Day?

Finally, it’s also worth noting that we have uncovered McCain campaign workers registered in Ohio as well. However, the names we’ve uncovered are people who have been in the state for substantial amounts of time. O’Brien indicated that in those instances, the workers were in Ohio long enough– six to eight months – that they would fall under the same umbrella as college students and would not face prosecution. Although most of our names are from the Obama campaign, this is not a partisan issue. Some senior members of the Obama campaign who have been in the Buckeye State for six or eight months were also deemed to have met the qualifications of residency. Their votes will count as well.

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