Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | November 2, 2008

API – Daily Soap on Michelle Obama Tape

So we have comments on our blog saying this api blog is a way to capture email addresses. I’m not sure that is exactly correct since you can read without doing anything. Regardless… you can read the latest here. If true — should be aired any time. If not — we won’t have to hear about it any more starting on Tuesday. However, I am enjoying the soap fix… and creativity of all involved.

Michelle Obama tape: The negotiations that led to API/Fox news Network agreemetn started in London, UK Fox NN Offices on orders from New York Office

Posted by africanpress on November 1, 2008

Some readers have criticised the way we have handled Michelle Obama tape issue. We believe the criticism has come about because the readers have got no insight in what has been going on behind the scenes. Some people in Fox News Network were not happy with the negotiations because they felt the tape would hurt some people’s interest in political life.

Those who argued against the release were more concerned with the lives of people who left their jobs to support a particular candidate. The argument has been that these people left their jobs and if their candidate does not win, their their lives will be destroyed as well because they will have no jobs to return to.

The negotiation was initiated by Fox News Network not API. This point has to be understood and that means they are interested in doing the right thing.

API was contacted by Fox News Network the same day the story broke out on the 15th of October. Negotiations started the same day in the UK and a week later it moved to New York in order to streamline the facts that each party involved had raised.

“The agreement on, and verification of Michelle Obama tape was concluded on the 28th October at 10.00 am (N.Y time), in Fox News Network Offices, 18th floor, located at 1211 Ave of the America’s in New York”

Therefore, the tape will be aired by the Sean Hannity Show and Greta Van Susteren Show as stipulated in the agreement. The agreement states clearly that the tape will be aired before the elections that takes place on November the 4th.

Therefore, according to the agreement, FOX NEWS NETWORK has not breached the contract. One thing we cannot do is to direct them on the timing of the release.

On releasing the few details above, we are not breaching the contract in any way because we have not made public any document in that there is no need as yet due to the fact that the date stipulated – the 4th of November, has not been ignored by Fox N.N.

Direct anger at us does not help the situation. Such behaviour will not shake the people in FOX in any way. They have the exclusive rights and will do the right thing as agreed.



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