Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 30, 2008

Obama’s Grandmother Being Censored

Censuring Obama’s grandmother: She is being censured by the police so that she does not say anything – a slip of a tongue may occur – that may reveal the identity and birth place of her grandson. If she were to say something in the line of – another citizenship, or that he was born in Kenya or Hawaii  and adopted by a foreigner, and Obama is elected, that may create a constitutional crisis in the US because that will open for lawsuits to ensure Obama is not sworn in as President.

This is a big surprise for the old woman who loves to talk to the local and international media about her grandson who may take over as the first black ruler in America. The Kenya police must have been instructed by the highest offices in the land to stop her from giving interviews between now and the election day.

The report says she will be allowed to speak to the media on the 5th of November – a presumption that she will be telling the media of the grandson’s victory in America. It is understood that she has assembled a delegation of 30 people and tickets already paid for in order to travel to the US on the 6th of November to attend what they say will be Obama’s victory celebration. This is like counting chicken before the eggs hatch.

Kenya: Obama’s family halts media interviews

Nairobi (Kenya) – The Kenya family of US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has halted all media engagements until after the US presidential election on November 4.

The move has been taken to give Obama’s paternal grandmother, Mama Sarah Onyango Obama a break, according to a family member Mr Said Obama. In the recent past, a battery of local and international journalists have been visiting the home on a daily basis to seek interviews from the 85-year old granny.

But Mr Said Obama said the family would open up to the media on November 5, a day after the elections.

And on Wednesday, Siaya District police chief Mr Johnston Ipara said security officers would restrict entry to the home to ensure the family privacy is guaranteed

“People who visit the family’s home in K’Ogelo will be restrained from conducting interviews to the family members,” he said

Mr Ipara added the move was taken to ensure that people, especially the media, do not pre-empt the outcome of the US elections by using comments from the family members.

“We do not want Mama Sarah Obama to be disturbed at the moment she needs time to monitor the elections as they unfold,” said Ipara.

He said all visitors to the home would be thoroughly screened by the police before being allowed in.

Meanwhile, Obamamania continued to grip Kisumu town and its environs as hawkers cashed in on the craze to sell branded T-shirts, caps and badges.

Dancehalls have also recorded a high number of songs recorded in vernacular languages in praise of the US presidential candidate whose father was Kenyan.


API/source.The Nation (Kenya) – October 29, 2008.


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