Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 30, 2008

API/FoxNews | Sean Hannity & Greta Van Susteren to air the Michelle Obama tape in less than 24 hours!

[hmmm… well lets see what tomorrow brings … this is certainly getting strange. This has been the most dramatic election season I have ever experienced.  How about you? ]

Many have been wondering about what will happen to the Michelle Obama tape, now that API has received death threats for planning to have the tape aired. Death threats mounted after API refused an offer of 3 million US dollars by Senator Obama’s Campaign manager.

There has been speculations that Fox News may deny that there is an agreement already reached that gives the them permission to air the tape. The public who are aware of the existence of a tape should be aware that some elements in our society would not like the message in the tape to come out.

The agreement stipulates that any information on the day and hour the tape will be aired will only be announce 15 minutes to the airing time. This was agreed upon to avoid any pressure being directed to Fox News Network by individuals who would want to get the details about the tape in question.

The airing of the tape can take place any time from this day and due to its sensitivity, people who will inquire from Fox News and API for details will either get a no comment answer or that there is no agreement on the table.

We are aware of the fact that some people made inquiries today by emailing or telephoning Fox News and may have been disappointed with the answers they got. API is not here to mislead anyone and takes the responsibility to inform its loyal readers that the tape will be aired unless pressure wins over any of the parties involved, of which case that will amount to a breach of contract.  Such a thing is unacceptable because API is committed to let the American people get the information in the tape and judge for themselves what value it may have in their political lives.

Although the parties had agreed that the particular shows going to air the tapes should not be made public before 15 minutes to airing of the tapes, public pressure has forced us to make this revelation earlier than we should.  Both parties, API and Fox are in agreement that no further details will be released on the subject.

 While we struggle to have the Michelle Obama tape, the McCain camp is struggling to have another tape that has information relevant to the campaign. The taped conversation has Mr obama when he was dining with friends considered radicals and supporters of terrorism.

By Chief Editor Korir



  1. ROFL There are no tapes. And you can bank on that [snip of sexist remark]!

  2. Sweet let’s see what FOX found. IT’s wierd that there is no mention of it on

  3. There is no mention of it on Fox because this is a hoax that has been going on way too long.

  4. Yep — as I said in another article…Greta says she knows nothing about this. Wonder why they would carry on so with something so electrically charged. I found the new Ayers stuff on Sirhan disturbing. At least there IS proof on that one.

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