Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 29, 2008

API Claims Receiving Death Threats

In the latest post by the Editor of African Press… [this is becoming more dramatic than a soap opera — I wonder what the end will be like.]

By African Press International – API Editorial

The intended release of Michelle Obama tapes stirs trouble in many circles

The Obama camp is not saying anything publicly now, but have chosen to work behind the scenes in their efforts to influence the release of Michelle Obama tape. The impact the tape is expected to have on National Security when finally released will be huge.

Peaceful approach to have the tapes not to be released has now turned into direct threats directed against API. The threats being unleashed against API comes after API Chief Editor’s unwillingness to accept the offer of a bribe by Obama Camp’s Campaign Manager was turned down.

API on the other hand does not want to surrender to the pressure being mounted, even though faced with danger for ignoring the warnings not to allow the release of the tape. API is being bombarded with death threats from people who say have been hired to silence API and those involved in the plan to have the tapes released.

The US embassy in Norway together with the Norwegian Security Service has been duly informed of the situation and has promised to give the matter the priority it deserves.

Due to the situation that has arisen, and security considerations, API reprentative’s trip to New York today to participate in a  planned live interview will be temporarily delayed for some hours while the Embassy looks into the matter.

Now that the situation has become so dangerous because some people are afraid to let the American people know the truth about Michelle Obama’s stand exhibited by her in the tape, API will thread carefully and will classify details on what is going on, especially details on when the API representative will fly to New York, which flight and where he will be housed while in the US. This will be done to avoid exposing him to any danger while on US soil

API will not rest until the tape is aired so that the American people may judge for themselves whether the contents of the tape is of relevance to the elections taking place November the 4th.




  1. ROFL This is a hoax. There are no tapes to release and you can take that to the bank [snip of sexist remark] !

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