Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 27, 2008

Update on African Press Tape of Michelle Obama’s Alleged Racist and Anti-semitic Comments

Per their website, there is a conference call today with the API as there was yesterday on the alleged tape of Michelle Obama spewing white hatred as well as anti-semitic comments as well as threats to African news outlet.  [side note:  another tape of Michelle has also surfaced and I’ll put more out about that when I learn more.] See below:

We hope our readers understand how difficult some negotiations can be especially when there are considerations to be taken into acount as a result of wishes of the people involved. However, things have moved very fast and we can now confirm that API is in agreement with A US Cable TV Network and the Michelle Obama tapes will be aired without unnecessary delay.

The remaining problem to be solved now is the legal representation and we believe this hurdle will also be sorted out now that people involved have finally realised further delay is creating a very unhealthy atmosphere to all concerned.

New changes in the deal is that we have to deal with the fact that the Network Channel will have their lawyer as a very active (not passive) participant.

ON the question of legal representation, the Cable TV Network decided against having Attorney Berg as API lead legal adviser. They state that Mr Berg may not handle the situation in a neutral manner. Changes had to be agreed upon in the last minute of discussions a few minutes ago. Due to the sensitive nature of the tapes, API will now have a total of 3 active legal representatives. A Canadian born Lawyer has been appointed to head the API legal team. Two US born lawyers (Attorney Berg) and (Attorney Dowd of Washington) will be assisting the Canadian born Attorney.

API expects to get green light any time from now to publicly announce the name of the airing Network so as to be able to release the details in the agreement shortly or during the Conference call. When it comes to the timing of the announcement of the name of the Cable Network they must give API the green light because they want to be fully prepared to handle the pressure expected to come from circles interested in the contents of the tape.


Full article here:


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