Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 27, 2008

Repetition and the “herd mentality” | Wag the Jacka*s

Repetition and the “herd mentality”
by Greta Van Susteren

Everyone knows that if you something repeat enough times, people begin to believe it. That is what is so unfair about the pettiness of sexism. You can demean someone enough so that people “run with it” — yes, the herd mentality. Yes, demean a person enough, and then the person becomes a joke.

We have seen the flip side in marketing ….for example when an obscene amount of money is spent promoting someone, or some product, people begin to believe the product or person is special when the product or person is simply ordinary.

The problem with the herd is that the herd adopts a repeated message as fact. The more the herd runs with it, the more it becomes “fact” when it is not…it is very hard to reverse this trend and can be grossly unfair. Yes, you can disagree with someone but you should do so after you have looked at the situation yourself and not having been poisoned by the popular thought or herd mentality. Not only can it be profoundly unfair to go with the herd, but it is not intellectually honest to you. We should all step back and reach our own conclusion based on REAL fact and not popular thinking (the herd mentality.)

And yes, that is the danger of sexism (and other forms of bigotry.) If enough people are sexist (or bigots) about a particular person or topic, it becomes “safe” to be one yourself…and popular…so popular you have blinders on to your own conduct and how you might be unfairly hurting someone or intimidating someone…and then the trend…

…and then?

Editors note:  Are you part of the herd or do you actually seek facts and truth?  Do you know what Marxism or Socialism really means?  Do you understand how all of the “policies” of a candidate fit together like a puzzle?  Do you know how to put the puzzle together for yourself or do you just spout off campaign sound bites becasue you think they are real?  Did you watch the Iraqi Propaganda Minister telling the Iraqi people that there was no invasion when troops were marching into Iraq?  I remember thinking, how could these people actually believe this rhetoric?  They were hidden from the truth. Wag the Jackass is being played before the Country.  If you only see the Jackass then you will never see the truth.



  1. So what kind of “herding” are McCain/Palin doing?

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