Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 24, 2008

Obama Eligibility Revisited | Michael Savage Hosts Philip Berg

Talk show host most noted for statements like “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”, Michael Savage hosted former Deputy Attorney General, Philip Berg on his show to discuss the lawsuit ( he filed in late August alleging that Sen Obama is not eligible to run for POTUS.  In fact, if true, he would not be eligible to hold his Senatorial seat either.

You can listen to the interview at the following:

Hear speculation about the real reason for Obama’s sudden trip to Hawaii without his wife and children.  Learn of recordings made of Obama’s paternal grandmother.   Berg sounds reasonable… Savage is his typical inquisitor self.

I wonder if this “story” will be heard on MSM.  Odds and history tell me no.  Savage kept saying that Fox has not run the story.  I’m assuming he means Fox News since Fox Toledo did run an interview with Berg not that long ago.



  1. Here’s the real deal:

  2. LOL …HAHAHAHA I was wondering when you would bring up this wack story, conspiracy theory huh? Do you really think the United States of America would let someone run for president without checking to see if they are a US citizen? This would have to have been covered up by our own government you do know that right.

    Know what else I read, Obama was the one on the grassy knoll. LOL

  3. Philip Berg will be my guest on News Talk Online on Tuesday October 28 at 5 PM New York time.

    Please go to and click on the Join The Show link to talk to him.


  4. It amazes me that no one is even trying to dispute this. Obama should produce the proof that we deserve to see. Why as a Graduate of Harvard won’t he release his files. It leads me to believe that this whole thing is true. I thank Philip Berg for going ahead with this. If I were a wealthy man I would hire a law firm to take up the case. What a mockery of this country and our ideal and constitution.

    May God help us all.

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