Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 23, 2008

Obama Group Admits to Voter Fraud in Ohio!

Palestra a college reporting group in Ohio has just returned from the Vote From Home press conference where Greg Nolan admits that they illegally registered AND voted in Ohio!  Palestra was the first to identify the activities of this Obama sponsored group and kept digging with the result of this conference.  See Tiffany Wilson’s article below.


by Tiffany Wilson

I just came from the press conference where a representative of Vote From Home went on the record and apologized for registering and, in some cases, voting in Ohio.

Greg Nolan’s statement is below:

Good day. My name is Greg Nolan. This is a statement written on behalf of the individual volunteers living at Brownlee Ave who registered to vote in Ohio. We came to Columbus committed to the ideal that encouraging people to participate in the political process is a vital and patriotic undertaking. While pursuing our goal, we began to feel we had made a home. We worked here, lived here, and made friends here. Feeling part of the Columbus community, we decided to register to vote.

Let there be no doubt, we firmly believed we satisfied all requirements written on the Franklin County Board of Elections Voter Registration Form.

Nevertheless, we did not understand the state’s technical definition of “resident,” and registered not knowing that. Our intention was to register in the community we had become so involved in, but because of our misunderstanding we will not be able to vote in Ohio and may not be able to vote in this election at all. We highly value the importance of a free and fair election, and hope that others will take the necessary steps to ensure they fully meet Ohio’s residency requirements before registering to vote. Speaking directly to the people of Ohio, our mistake was an honest one, but it was a mistake nonetheless. Without reservation, we apologize to the community, which has been so welcoming to us, for the problems this misunderstanding has caused. Thank you.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said the 13 registrations will be revoked and the five votes that were already cast will be cancelled. O’Brien credited Palestra for bringing this case to light.


You can read the article for yourself and learn about Palestra by going to their site:


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