Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 22, 2008

Softer Side of Politics | by Greta Van Susteren


McCain Palin A Vote for the American Way of Life

With the blood and guts of American politics, you can miss out on the softer side.

I know a woman who has been voting for 75 years (you do the math…she started at age 21.) She is a Republican and someone stole her McCain / Palin sign from her front yard. This might not seem like a big deal to you, but it was to her. It was very upsetting to her and she is not mobile so she could not go out and get a replacement….she had fun having a sign in her yard….this election is fun for her — especially to see a woman on the ticket.

She lives in a jurisdiction where the final vote will not be close so she could be ignored by the McCain campaign.

There is no tactical disadvantage to the McCain campaign to have a sign in her yard…she also lives in a small town…but, to be kind and for no strategic reason (there is none because of her town), the McCain campaign sent someone to her house to hand deliver replacement signs and other political paraphernalia. It meant a great deal to this woman – OK, she is 96 – and a very kind gesture by the campaign.

I am sure there are likewise stories of kindness in the Sen Obama campaign. Perhaps it might be nice to take a moment and acknowledge the good things about these campaigns…


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