Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 22, 2008

Obama Revealed as Pal of Marxist Terrorist! Listen for yourself

Well, well, well — Bill Ayers, pal of Obama is found on radio interview saying he is Anarchist and Marxist.  We would all yawn except this is the exact time that Obama worked with him on Woods Fund board.  This is the exact time that he claimed he did not know that Mr. Ayers was a “former” terrorist.

This was a little slow loading for me but well worth the watch as it ties a lot of pieces together with dates, documents, etc.

You can see a Fox News version under Bill OReilly


Has anyone heard about the Michelle tapes the API is about to release to the US Media this week?

Also do you find it curious that Obama is leaving in emergency for his ailing grandmother (who he denounced) right at the time that people are in Hawaii seeking his birth certificate?  I heard his grandmother broke her hip in one news story.  I wonder how that happened.


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