Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 20, 2008

Hi! I’m Joe-the-Plumber…

How are you “Joe the Plumber”?
Tell us in 30 seconds…

We want you to tell us how you are “Joe the Plumber” and why you’re supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin in thirty seconds. You could even see your video as an official McCain TV ad.
By now, “Joe the Plumber” is a household name and has become a symbol of Barack Obama’s plan to “spread the wealth around.” During a recent campaign event in Toledo, Ohio, “Joe the Plumber” asked a simple question and got a surprising answer from the Democratic nominee. When he asked why Barack Obama’s tax plan was going to punish him for working hard and living the American Dream, Barack Obama responded, “When you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”
In that brief exchange, the American people got to see what this campaign is all about … a choice between honoring the hard work of everyday Americans like “Joe the Plumber” and increasing taxes to “spread the wealth.” In these tough economic times, there is no doubt that John McCain and Sarah Palin stand firmly on the side of hardworking “everyday Joes” who understand the value of honest work and the American Dream.

That’s why we want to hear from you and share your story with the American public. It’s simple … make an ad telling us why you are “Joe the Plumber” in 30 seconds and we’ll put the best ad on the air as a TV ad.



Do Not Tax Me for working hard

Share your story of living the American Dream, working hard, or owning a small business to tell America why you’re standing with John McCain and Sarah Palin. Click here today to learn more and submit your video before Friday, October 24th.

Then help us spread the word about this exciting opportunity – tell your friends to visit to submit their own video and share their story.




  1. Man I see no one is commenting on your website anymore, ouch!!!

    Maybe you should do a story on the “Pro-America” parts of the country that Palin is talking about, or the Anti-America congress members that the Republican Michele Bachmann wants the media to investigate. The McCain Palin campain is dividing this country, how are they putting Country first if they are trying to split the county in two? Pro-America Vs. Anti-America, is this where we are in 2008?

    This is dangerous talk coming out of the McCain campain!!!

    I had to post, I felt bad that no one is commenting on your site anymore. 😉

  2. I’m here, troll. And Obamanation has been dividing people since day one of his hope and change routine. And just because you think nobody is commenting I’ll come back regulary to do so, Obama troll. ;^)

  3. Chris, Please don’t post here. you said bye bye and we are not sad you are gone. Some of us are campaigning in real life and don’t have time to engage in your type of nonsense dialogue.

  4. I see you didn’t let my other post through your “moderation” Good Luck with your so called campaining, just remember if McCain wins it will be the same as the Bush years!!! Well not quite the same he does want to “spread more wealth” to big business than even Bush wanted to do. It is funny you say nonsense dialogue, that is excatly what I would call this web-site.

  5. chris you are a fool. I have this blog set to reject any comments that contain 2 or more links because this is what the spam jerks do. get a life.

  6. Nice come back, I am a fool, Ouch what are you like 6 years old? That hurt my feelings, how am i going to go on with you thinking I am a fool.

    You are the one who said you are a democrat, but your going to vote for man that, is calling Demorats Socialist. This man Mccain will tax employer based health care for the first time, De-regulate the Health care industry, we have seen how that has worked so well in the Energy field, Enron, and now in the Banking industry.

    McCain has failed to show how he will be any different than bush, well other than the increase in tax breaks for the rich.

    What I see on your web-site is a sad attempt trying to make anything stick on Obama. He has been under the media’s eye for almost 2 years now, and this stuff isn ot sticking.

    You live in CA right? You were so quick to put ACORN voter registration fraud on your website.

    why don’t you have a story about Mark Anthony Jacoby of Young Political Majors, who illegally changed peoples political registration card to be Republican.

    Are you that Butt hurt about Hillary, that you are ignoring real fraud that the GOP is doing?

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