Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 16, 2008

FBI ACORN Investigation | Urgent Press Release

ARLINGTON, VA — Today, McCain-Palin 2008 campaign manager Rick Davis released the following statement in response to the FBI’s investigation of ACORN:

“Given the fact the FBI has launched a nationwide investigation into the questionable voter registration practices of ACORN, it is imperative that Barack Obama’s campaign cooperate fully with this important investigation. To date, in public announcements including last night’s debate, Barack Obama has attempted to conceal and distort his and his campaign’s relationship with a group that is currently engaging in systematic voter fraud. Barack Obama’s campaign must fully disclose the true nature of his association with ACORN, including:

· The total disclosure of all funds, including $832,000 from Barack Obama’s campaign to ACORN and ACORN affiliations like Citizens Services, Inc.

· Any and all information the Obama campaign has related to ACORN’s database of registered voters compiled during this election cycle.

· The total disclosure of coordination between Barack Obama’s campaign, ACORN, and ACORN affiliations over the entirety of this election cycle.

· The truth behind ACORN’s hiring of get-out-the-vote workers on Barack Obama’s behalf in Ohio during this election cycle.

“In the spirit of a fair election Barack Obama should assist in this process prior to Election Day.”




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