Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 15, 2008

Small Business Owners Speak Out against Socialism and Obama

Obama Laughs as YOU Help Him Get Wealthier

Obama Laughs as YOU Help Him Get Wealthier


Obama and his socialist cronies are laughing all the way to the bank and they fleece your pocketbook at almost half a BILLION dollars already. 

I was on a call the other day with Small Business owners all over the US.   From coast-to-coast, no matter what the business, almost every owner that spoke up said that they will begin laying off staff as soon as next week if it looks like Senator Obama will become our next President. 

Of course, being in the McCain camp, I was interested to query why.  Basically, almost all are convinced that they will be taxed out of existence in a Democratic election. I must largely agree with their sentiments.

Next week I will be speaking in front of 300 small business owners.  I will listen with earnest to hear what they are saying.  Chambers of Commerce all over the country are finding their members are starting to attend meetings in numbers they have not ever seen before.  Small Business Owners are angry.  They feel that Obama’s espoused policies punish them.  The notion of spreading the wealth to those who don’t bother to work, often  are participating in illegal activities, and overall social losers is not acceptable.

Everyone is looking to loopholes to try and become impoverished and thus benefit from the ill-conceived policies. While those who embrace Socialism with all of the grandeur and pomp as an academy awards night will find those of us that know how to make money sending it overseas where it has value. Just as businesses today use tax loopholes of Nevada and Delaware — we will be incorporating and spending our tax dollars in foreign markets. 

Eventually, everyone will be so impoverished that some capitalism will need to be injected to sustain the economic demands of our nation.  You can see examples of this in China today.  Gone will be days of consumerism as you will be scrapping around for the bare necessities of life.

We a coalition of Small Businesses look with great anticipation to tonight’s debate and the results of the pre-rigged polls.  The higher the percentage of these staged polls in Obama’s favor the lower our stock market and economy sink.  Wealthy people I know are already investigating and preparing to send vast amounts of money overseas.  You think “outsourcing” hurt the tech sector?  You’ve seen nothing yet.


Sing your Obama songs and watch the economy tank… there will be nothing left to distribute.  Joke is on you.

Devil is in the Details, Um LIES

Devil is in the Details - In Obama


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