Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 9, 2008

Obama – Socialist | Are both the Jewish voters and Black American Obama are courting getting dupped?

We have been covering the Obama-Ayers story for quite some time.  In that process some very disturbing evidence has emerged through that analysis.  Obama’s relationships are questionable at best.  At worst, it shows a deliberate pattern to infiltrate politics and bring socialism and it’s policies directly to the Whitehouse and ultimately the Supreme Court through his nominations.

If you ever had a vote mean so much… it is now.  If you have time read through the annals of the New Ground…see how they have planned for this moment with every turn.  See the REAL healthcare they want you to have.  See the crash of the economy and the rich as plotted by Bill Ayers and his wife. .. See the pattern.   I have been told many times, “if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, It is probably a duck.”  If it walks like a Socialist, Talks like a Socialist (single payer HealthCare, and Looks like a Socialist (campaign is like Castros years ago…research)… Maybe it is a Socialist.  Why doesn’t he just say he is what he is.  He signed a paper, a contract with the Chicago New Party to do so… is he ashamed of his friends?

Thanks to Michael Underground sharing some of his information on a story he is working… we bring you — Obama the Socialist and Questionable associations.  Look for Michael’s article coming soon… your jaw will drop.

Obama ties to the Democratic Socialist Party from its beginning.  A party that was founded with ACORN.  Read excerpts from their own Newsletter called the New Ground.

New Ground 38

January – February, 1995

New Party Organizes

By Bob Roman

On Saturday, January 14, the New Party in Chicago took another step in its effort to establish itself as a political force by holding a major outreach meeting directed at Chicago’s Left. About 100 people, with sizable delegations from DSA and CoC among others, heard Bruce Colburn and Elaine Bernard preach the gospel of the New Party. The audience was also introduced to the New Party’s first candidate in Chicago, Michael Chandler, who is running for Alderman in Chicago’s west side 24th ward. The meeting was held at the meeting hall of SEIU Local 880, a local that is tackling the extremely difficult task of organizing home health care workers in Illinois. SEIU Local 880 and ACORN share office space. […]

In Chicago, the New Party’s biggest asset and biggest liability is ACORN.

Like most organizations, ACORN is a mixed bag. On one hand, in Chicago, ACORN is a group that attempts to organize some of the most depressed communities in the city. Chicago organizers for ACORN and organizers for SEIU Local 880 have been given modest monthly recruitment quotas for new New Party members. On the other hand, like most groups that depend on canvassing for fundraising, it’s easy enough to find burned out and disgruntled former employees. And ACORN has not had the reputation for being interested in coalition politics- until recently and, happily, not just within the New Party. In Chicago, ACORN has been working with the National Training and Information Center on housing issues, and Equip for Equality in challenging Illinois’ inaction on “Motor Voter” registration. ACORN has also become a major participant in Chicago Jobs with Justice.

But the nature of Chicago ACORN is secondary to the inevitable dynamics of the situation. As the single 800 pound gorilla in the Chicago New Party, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for newcomers to participate except on ACORN’s terms. This will make it difficult for the New Party to have a life apart from ACORN. The element that seems to be present in Milwaukee but absent in Chicago is organized labor.

New Ground 42

September – October, 1995


Chicago New Party Update

by Bruce Bentley

About 50 activists attended the Chicago New Party membership meeting in July. The purpose of the meeting was to update members on local activities and to hear appeals for NP support from four potential political candidates. The NP is being very active in organization building and politics. There are 300 members in Chicago. In order to build an organizational and financial base the NP is sponsoring house parties. Locally it has been successful both fiscally and in building a grassroots base. Nationwide it has resulted in 1000 people committed to monthly contributions. The NP’s political strategy is to support progressive candidates in elections only if they have a concrete chance to “win”. This has resulted in a winning ratio of 77 of 110 elections. Candidates must be approved via a NP political committee. Once approved, candidates must sign a contract with the NP. The contract mandates that they must have a visible and active relationship with the NP. […]

The political entourage included […] and Barack Obama, chief of staff for State Sen. Alice Palmer. Obama is running for Palmer’s vacant seat.

Obama Ayers and Others Relationship Timeline


1969 Ayers – Days of Rage chicago
1970 Ayers – Bomb NYC Police HQ
1971 Ayers – Bomb Capitol Building
1972 Ayers – Bomb Pentagon
1973 Ayers – Weather Underground took responsibility for 12 bombings and freeing Timothy Leary from jail (1970-1074)
1982 Ayers – Columbia (1982-1987)
1983 B Obama – Columbia
1987 Bill Ayers – Professor of Education – U of Illinois Chicago work with DCP(see next)
1987 B Obama – Developing Communities Project Chicago 
1988 Will Ayers solicits Khaild Al-Mansour (black panther) money for B Obama Harvard
1988 B Obama goes to Harvard Law School (1988-1991)
1988 M Obama joins Sidley Austin (1988-1991)
1989 Tom & William  Ayers get B Obama summer job at Sidley & Austin – meets Michelle
1990 B Obama –Tony Rezko (Political fixer, Dual US-Syrian Citizen)  Key early money B Obama fundraiser
1989 Bernadine Dohrn works at Sidley & Austin
1991 B Obama graduates from Harvard Law School
1992 B Obama marries M Obama
1995 Ayers places B Obama as Chairman on Woods Foundation (1995-1998)
1995 Ayers makes B Obama Chair of $45M Annenberg Challenge (1995-1999) 
1995 B Obama & A Palmer attend informal gathering at Ayers-Dohrn House to announce Obama to be successor to Palmer – coffee klatch fundraiser
1995 New Party endorses Obama for State Senate – Replacing Alice Palmer (to be endorsed – must visibly support party and sign contract)
1995 B Obama – memoir published Dreams from My Father: A story of Race and Inheritance
1995 B Obama mother dies (Stanley Ann Dunham 7-Nov-1995)
1997 B Obama – Illinois State Senate (1997-2004)
1997 Ayers-B Obama appear on Juvenile Panel at U of Chicago – Juvenile (arranged by Michelle Obama)
1998 B Obama helps T Rezko secure more than $14M for Low Income Housing
1999 Ayers-B Obama on Wood Foundation Board (1999-2002)
1999 Woods Fund donated $50,000 to the Annenberg Challenge (Ayers Chair)
1999 B Obama –  Malia Ann (daughter) born
2000 Rashid Khalidi (1972-1983 Beruit, Director Official Palestinian press Agency, WAFA – voice of Yasser Arafat PLO) hosted fundraiser for Obama failed bid for US Representative
2001 Ayers contributes to B Obama Campaign ($200)
2001 B Obama – Natasha (daughter) born
2001 B Obama – Woods Fund provided $40,000 grant to Arab American Action Network (AAAN), R Kahidi’s wife Mona is pres
2002 Ayers-Obama appear on Intellectuals in Times of Crisis panel
2002 B Obama – Woods Fund provided $35,000 grant to Arab American Action Network (AAAN), R Kahidi’s wife Mona is pres
2003 B Ayers – B Obama gave Testimonials at Khalidi Farewell Party (going to Columbia) 
2004 B Obama met twice with Nadhmi Auchi (Iraqi Baathist, procured weapons for Saddam Hussein, Bribes corrupt leaders of Power war Italy – financial backer for T Rezko)
2005 B Obama – US Senator from Illinois
2006 B Obama – The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream
2006 B Obama Campaigns for Kenyan Cousin Raila Odinga – lost election – follow up through terror tactics (called for mass action which resulted in burning of men, women & children alive in their Christian Church) he was appointed Prime Minister – Obama called Raila’s stooge by Kenyan Government Spokesman.
2008 Khalidi states he supports Obama’s presidential run “because he is the only candidate who has expressed sympathy for the Palestinian cause, ” and because Obama has promised negotiations with Iran
2008 B Obama – Speaker at funeral Tim Russert (Meet the Press)


  1. Can I ask you a question?

    Are you pro-McCain

    or Anti-Obama?

  2. I am voting for America… a republic

  3. you didn’t answer the question?

  4. Do you beleive in McCain’s platform?

  5. Is this supposed to be a trick question? LOL Let’s see… this site has Palin in the header. A McCain badge (protector of the united states of america). However, I am a Democrat. Specifically, I am a Hillary Democrat.

    I would say this site is leaning in the direction of the McCain message. The MSM has selected to only portray postive messages about Sen Obama. There is only one news station (Fox News) that even tries to show something balanced and even they are not perfect. It is the only outlet that has given McCain anything amounting to a decent shake. (sorry taken so long to respond – been on conf calls a lot today)

    So this site is leaning to McCain… however, some of our readers are not.

  6. e tu brutus? LOL Pro-McCain, Anti-Obama? Anti-McCain, Pro-obama? anti-Republican, anti-Democrat? anti anything you want to talk about?

  7. Not a trick question, and of coarse your web-site is not pro-Obama. I just don’t see much that talks about McCain’s actual platform, kinda, why should someone vote for him, not just why they shouldn’t vote for Obama.

  8. being serious here for a second, I wonder why the media is is bias toward Obama, when they would get a 1.4 Billion tax cut under his plan?

  9. Basically, I’m for anything that gets you through the night – be it prayer, tranquilizers or a bottle of Jack Daniels.FrankSinatraFrank Sinatra

  10. Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.IsaacAsimovIsaac Asimov

  11. So as a Hillary Democrat… why would you vote for McCain, what do they share as political beliefs?

    Here are Clintons words for all of her supporters:

    Clinton was asked by a questioner in the audience here what she would tell frustrated Democrats who might consider voting for McCain in the general election out of spite.

    “Please think through this decision,” Clinton said, laughing and emphasizing the word “please.”

    “It is not a wise decision for yourself or your country.”

  12. Laughing???? this is not a laughing matter. Obama and Hillary are not the same at all. Your question is very absurd. Its like saying… well I know you want an orange but here take a lemon. I dont’ want a lemon. I want an orange.

    I don’t need a politician who says — we are supporting our party to do our duty… Is not supporting Obama. I get email from Hillary campaign on a regular basis. She sends out pleas to vote for this or that democrat. I have NEVER received one to vote for Obama. I have only received one communication from her on Obama… never said he is the “one” said give $5 to DNC.

    What does that tell you? The Clinton’s are doing their job for their party. That is it.

  13. You just made my point, she knows that the Republican’s do not stand for what she believes in, she is doing her job for her party.

    I do believe she wishes that Obama would lose… then she could run in 4 years. They are doing their job for their party, which is totally different than the Republican party

  14. Good morning, so anything new today?

  15. No man is rich enough to buy back his past.OscarWildeOscar Wilde

  16. Clintons Campaigning for Obama-Biden in Pa.

    What were you saying about the Clintons not supporting Obama?

  17. Dear Chris,
    I am a Clinton Democrat, and I agree that Obama is no Clinton. I will not be voting for Obama. The news media brought us two terms of George Bush, and a War in Iraq. Obama has absolutely no experience in an executive position, we as a Country have no time for an intern that can bs effectively. We just need someone to roll up their sleeves and get us out of this mess. Obama is not the one. The Democrats are not looking to good in my eyes with ACORN, the PORK that they loaded the Bailout Bill with. I am not handing over my life or my tax dollars for more power hungry politicians that care more about their hides than mine. We will have a Democratic Congress, we will not have a Democrat in the Whitehouse. Too much power for these damn politicians, we need balance.

  18. You do realize they had to add the PORK to get the republican to vote for it right.

  19. I see the Obama borg has further infiltrated your thoughts, chris. The ACORN pork that was added and removed — sort of — was put in by the Dems. The Democrats wrote this BailOut bill. The Bailout bill is NOT working so far. Do you notice a trend with the stock market? As Obama increases in the Dem run polls — the market tanks further. Why do you think that is? Could it be because the people who like to make money have decided they would rather put their money else where since Obama has promised a hefty tax? Hope you’ve had a great weekend.

  20. This bailout bill came from the Bush adminisration remember them, what do you mean the Dem’s wrote it? They did change it and it did not pass in the House, they changed it again (adding PORK) and then it passed the Senate, without the republicans who voted for it, Including McCain. McCain said the next day said the President should Veto the Bill. So I guess he is for it and against it? No one said that the bailout would make the Economy better the day it passed. They still have not decided what to do with all the money yet.

    My weekend has been great, US soccer won, Chargers are currrently winning and Obama is up in the polls.

  21. Bush had 3 pages. Dems had at the end of the day over 400 pages.

    I had a great weekend too. Obama is slipping in the polls — down 2 points.

  22. 3 pages for a $700 Billion bailout? Bush tried to ram it through lke he did with the Iraq war, before people could ask questions. Do you really think a 3 page bill would fix this problem?

    Bush wanted to give ALL the power to spend the money to the Treasury , god forbid the Dem’s wanted Congress to have a say on how the money was spent.

    That is why they added more pages, so that congress would actually vote for it. For Republicans to say they are against PORK, why did they vote to pass the bill that had the PORK in it?

  23. DOW up 969 points, what was that about the Bailout not working? I know it could still go down, then up then down…, but it shows the confidence is comming back to the market. Once they started to annouce what they had planned for some of the bailout money.

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