Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 6, 2008

Boycott The View??

We are receiving a lot of requests for information on boycotting The View.

So first some information you may find interesting.

Since The View started their McCain bashing clicks to their website have dramically plunged.  At the beginning of August they were seeing a dip of 90% of their visits and 60% of the people.  They have slipped from a high of 90.9K per month to 15.5K per month.

Perhaps the Entertainment industry should stick to subjects such as sex, families, and how to save money rather than wade into politics.  Those who watch shows such as The View, don’t go to hear their view on politics.

More facts about their internet audience:

  • 71% female
  • 33% are 35-49
  • 35% are over 50
  • 88% are Caucasian
  • 52% earn more than $60K/year
  • 50% have no college

If you are going to boycott them, you must be armed with information such as:

  • who are The View Producers: Barbara Walters, Bill Geddie, Alexandra Cohen, Patrick Ignozzi, Matthew J. Strauss, Donald Berman, Susan Solomon, Mark Gentile
  • You can view their viewers blog by clicking here
  • Contact: Audience Relations Department – (818) 460-7477, ABC, Inc. , 500 S. Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 91521-4551  or via contact us form – click here
  • Contact your local ABC Affiliate station.  You can find by clicking on this map.

You can also start a blog or contribute to a blog about your opinion on the actions of The View.

At this date in the hour, the most effective approach is to contact ABC, if can arrange a picket activity at your local ABC station and invite CBS, NBC and others… make sure someone films with a flip camera and post on youtube.



  1. You are not going to have very many shows left to watch. LOL

    You will always have Fox, so don’t worry. 🙂

  2. Hey — these are people writing in…maybe we don’t need to watch TV. I don’t watch The View…so have nothing to give up. I’m responding to hundreds of hits we are receiving from google on these search terms.

  3. Joy Behar is a bitch.

  4. I didn’t mean this directed at you personally, Lipstick Piggy. I was just trying to be funny. Women are starting to run out of shows, if they are not going to watch any that question Palin, or McCain’s judgement in picking Palin.

  5. We’re boycotting the shows that demean women, like The View. They have also been extremely biased and disrespectful to John McCain. Barbara Walters trashes Palin on a daily basis. The show is now a joke and needs to go. They jumped the shark.


    Also, don’t miss this video:

  6. The View has said stupid things for years, and now all of the sudden people don’t like it because they are talking about the untouchable McCain Palin ticket.

    Right wing wacko Hanity has been tring to take Obama down for over a year. He has tried his best and what? Nothing!!!

  7. i think most of you are missing the point with hating the view. most watchers are not switching now because of the disagreement in views or their vocalizing it, they are switching because of the WAY they are disagreeing with the views.

    the whole point of the show is to disagree with each other and have intelligent and adult like debates, not to have fingers pointed in your face, and being yelled over. and while i also disagree with a lot that elizabeth has to say, like i always say, you can’t fight a battle without listening and understanding it first.

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