Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 3, 2008

OPEN BLOG time — Post about the debate if you like

What are your thoughts about the debate?  I’m sure I’ll hear from Chris… anyone else?  LOL



  1. The consensus was, that Palin would be stomped in this debate. It didn’t happen. Score for Palin on that alone..

  2. I think she did very good… so HEY Chris… well???? you must admit she held her own. None of us expected her to have the equivalent of 35 years of foreign policy. She did a great job.

  3. The democrats will never be able to change my mind by just keep on blaming, blaming and blaming. I’d rather hear them tell the truth, good or bad and what they will do about it.

  4. SO who is ready for the Republican October Surprise? ready for some rock and roll?

  5. Palin held her own in the debate, I would have to say. But it painfull to watch her avoid specific questions so she could repeat the same talking points she has said over and over and over and over. She is really good at getting her point across even if it had nothing to do with the question asked.

    But you are right the bar was set so low that I quess she did good.

  6. Did you see how unfair Ifill was to palin? WOW it was so noticable. She must have an interest in Obama winning, I can’t believe they let her moderate the debate.

  7. LOL

  8. Did you see how Joe asked Gwen how he did and she said, “you did real good?”

    Now do you think he knew the questions in advance? LOL Or why would he care what she thought of his “performance”?

    Good Morning — hopefully you made it back to work

  9. what is wrong with asking that? Did you also, also, also, also, hear Palin say can I call you joe, and only did once that I could count, it was a good line though: Say it aint so Joe.

  10. He did not know the questions in advance, he just actualy had something to say about all of the subjects. It seemed that Palin brought everything back to Energy, even questions that had nothing to do with Energy.

  11. Good morning to you to.

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