Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 2, 2008

Good Morning! Are you excited about the VP Debate?

I am looking forward to this debate and expecting to be entertained.  LOL  Odd but true.

We are taking bets on gaffes, time overages, UMs, and more.  Are you having a debate party?  We are planning a rousing game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  It should be interesting to watch Gwen Ifill too.

For some levity…  from the net

I went hunting for VP debate party games and could only find drinking games.  Waht does that say about us?


Click here —->>>VP Debate Drinking Game – Moosehead Beer

Click here —->>>VP Debate Drinking Game – Any Neutral Grain Spirit

Click here —->>>VP Debate Drinking Game – Various Beverages

let us know if you find others.



  1. Yes I cannot wait… Why do I not see anything on this website about how Sarah Palin can not name any Supreme Court cases other than RoeVWade? When asked about any other case she mentioned RoeV Wade… Do she not remember that in june of this year she her self said that she dissapproved of the exxon case that the Supreme court ruled on?

    Good Luck Sarah!

    And yes I am going to have to drink durring the debate, I feel like I am taking stupid pills when I hear Sarh Palin talk, it is very scary!!!

  2. Why do you think people are so drawn to her — even those that can’t stand her?

  3. I think that more and more people are seeing through her. Her popularity has dropped as soon as she started to do interviews. I think that people were happy to see her and were hoping that she could do a good job, but it is becoming very clear that she is in way over her head.

  4. Let’s see how she does tonight. I don’t have HUGE expectations… but sometimes things are not always what they seem. At least in this race, I have never seen such controversy, corruption, spinning, and surprises. It’s October… will we get the Republican October surprise tonight? Or later this week? Will the rumored Democrat October surprise of Hillary Clinton emerge? Or does Obama think he have it wrapped up enough not to play that card… could that be the real reason McCain Palin have wanted to fall a little a swap would be too late? I feel like I am watching a sordid soap opera.

  5. It is funny that you mention the rumor that Obama is going to change to Hillary. But you do not report on the rumor that McCain is going to drop Palin. What is up with that?

    It is sad that people ” don’t have HUGE expectations” for her in this debate. That says alot about McCain’s judgement in picking this woman.

    McCain and Palin have not fallen behind on purpose! They have fallen behind because people can not believe that this woman colud become President.

  6. Well – since the Obama camp is where the Hillary rumor came from … one wonders.

    On Palin — never heard that …except from Obama bots who are quivering in their boots. As conversation spins back to Palin and away from Obama — he does not gain ground… watch, listen and learn about politics.

    Tonight should be interesting… may the best woman win. AHHAHAHAHA Boy… have you been drinking already? You are really on a silly roll.

  7. You sound like McCain the other day, just because you have not seen the conservative writers calling for McCain to drop Palin means that they do not exsist.

    Check it out:

    I hope that she can hold her own and not make a fool out of herself, but from what I have seen she may be taking her foot out of her mouth alot.

    It would be embarrising for the US if she crashes and burns, the world is watch us like they always do. I know McCain does not care what the world thiks of the US but most Americans do.

    No I have not been drinking but I do feel like I am taking stupid pills when I listen to Palin sometimes.

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