Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | October 2, 2008

Bailout Pork | Are you mad that bailout increased another $150B

I found it very insulting that the text of the Senate Bill was not released to the public in a timely manner.   I find it insulting that most Senators rely on their Staff members to tell them what is in it.  Where is the CHANGE that Sen Obama promised?  This is not change I want.  I would like the names of the people that put those PORK items in the bill.  For example — did the Oregon Senators put in the wooden arrow item?  Is that laughable or what?

The Dems need for 12 Republicans to turn and vote for this bill that previously voted no.  The House website email system is either on overload or turned off.  You can contact the Republicans that voted no before at the following numbers.  Contact your representative and tell them you want that EXTRA money taken out!  Or support the Representatives below that are voting your wishes. 


AL Aderholt R 202-225-4876
AK Young R 202-225-5765
AZ Flake R 202-225-2635
AZ Franks R 202-225-4576
AZ Renzi R 202-225-2315
AZ Shadegg R 202-225-3361
CA Bilbray R 202-225-0508
CA Doolittle R 202-225-2511
CA Gallegly R 202-225-5811
CA Hunter R 202-225-5672
CA Issa R 202-225-3906
CA McCarthy R 202-225-2915
CA Nunes R 202-225-2523
CA Rohrabacher R 202-225-2415
CA Royce R 202-225-4111
CO Lamborn R 202-225-4422
CO Musgrave R 202-225-4676
FL Bilirakis R 202-225-5755
FL Brown-Waite R 202-225-1002
FL Buchanan R 202-225-5015
FL Diaz-Balart, L R 202-225-4211
FL Diaz-Balart, M R 202-225-2778
FL Feeney R 202-225-2706
FL Keller R 202-225-2176
FL Mack R 202-225-2536
FL Mica R 202-225-4035
FL Miller R 202-225-4136
FL Ros-Lehtinen R 202-225-3931
FL Stearns R 202-225-5744
FL Young R 202-225-5961
GA Broun R 202-225-4101
GA Deal R 202-225-5211
GA Gingrey R 202-225-2931
GA Kingston R 202-225-5831
GA Linder R 202-225-4272
GA Price R 202-225-4501
GA Westmoreland R 202-225-5901
IA King R 202-225-4426
IA Latham R 202-225-5476
ID Sali R 202-225-6611
IL Biggert R 202-225-3515
IL Johnson R 202-225-2371
IL Manzullo R 202-225-5676
IL Roskam R 202-225-4561
IL Shimkus R 202-225-5271
IN Burton R 202-225-2276
IN Buyer R 202-225-5037
IN Pence R 202-225-3021
KS Moran R 202-225-2715
KS Tiahrt R 202-225-6216
KY Davis R 202-225-3465
KY Whitfield R 202-225-3115
LA Alexander R 202-225-8490
LA Boustany R 202-225-2031
LA Scalise R 202-225-3015
MD Bartlett R 202-225-2721
MI Hoekstra R 202-225-4401
MI Knollenberg R 202-225-5802
MI McCotter R 202-225-8171
MI Miller R 202-225-2106
MI Rogers R 202-225-4872
MI Walberg R 202-225-6276
MN Bachmann R 202-225-2331
MN Ramstad R 202-225-2871
MO Akin R 202-225-2561
MO Graves R 202-225-7041
MO Hulshof R 202-225-2956
MT Rehberg R 202-225-3211
NC Coble R 202-225-3065
NC Foxx R 202-225-2071
NC Hayes R 202-225-3715
NC Jones R 202-225-3415
NC McHenry R 202-225-2576
NC Myrick R 202-225-1976
NE Fortenberry R 202-225-4806
NE Smith R 202-225-6435
NE Terry R 202-225-4155
NJ Frelinghuysen R 202-225-5034
NJ Garrett R 202-225-4465
NJ LoBiondo R 202-225-6572
NJ Smith R 202-225-3765
NM Pearce R 202-225-2365
NV Heller R 202-225-6155
NY Kuhl R 202-225-3161
OH Chabot R 202-225-2216
OH Jordan R 202-225-2676
OH LaTourette R 202-225-5731
OH Latta R 202-225-6405
OH Schmidt R 202-225-3164
OH Tiberi R 202-225-5355
OH Turner R 202-225-6465
OK Fallin R 202-225-2132
OK Lucas R 202-225-5565
OK Sullivan R 202-225-2211
PA Dent R 202-225-6411
PA English R 202-225-5406
PA Gerlach R 202-225-4315
PA Murphy, R 202-225-2301
PA Pitts R 202-225-2411
PA Platts R 202-225-5836
PA Shuster R 202-225-2431
SC Barrett R 202-225-5301
TN Blackburn R 202-225-2811
TN Davis, R 202-225-6356
TN Duncan R 202-225-5435
TN Wamp R 202-225-3271
TX Barton R 202-225-2002
TX Burgess R 202-225-7772
TX Carter R 202-225-3864
TX Conaway R 202-225-3605
TX Culberson R 202-225-2571
TX Gohmert R 202-225-3035
TX Hall R 202-225-6673
TX Hensarling R 202-225-3484
TX Johnson R 202-225-4201
TX Marchant R 202-225-6605
TX McCaul R 202-225-2401
TX Neugebauer R 202-225-4005
TX Paul R 202-225-2831
TX Poe R 202-225-6565
TX Thornberry R 202-225-3706
UT Bishop R 202-225-0453
VA Drake R 202-225-4215
VA Forbes R 202-225-6365
VA Goode R 202-225-4711
VA Goodlatte R 202-225-5431
VA Wittman R 202-225-4261
WA Hastings R 202-225-5816
WA McMorris R 202-225-2006
WA Reichert R 202-225-7761
WI Petri R 202-225-2476
WI Sensenbrenner R 202-225-5101
WV Capito R 202-225-2711

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