Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | September 30, 2008

Video from Nancy Pelosi Controversial Bail Out Speech |C-Span

Contact your Congressional representatives to Impeach Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.  Let her represent San Francisco ONLY.  She does not represent all or even most Americans. 

This can only be done while Congress is in Session.  They are still in session, we don’t need another partisan only Speaker of the House for the next 4 months!  Vote with your calls, faxes and letters.  This is will give you an idea of the tone of her speech — you can read more in earlier posts.



  1. This is dumb!!! There is no way that the people in the House, doth Dem’s and Rep’s, did not vote yes on this because they got their feelings hurt by a speech. They are covering for the fact the McCain was not able to get the rep’s to vote for it like he said he would.

    He could not even get the rep’s in his own home state to vote for this.

    Where is the republican leadership, all there so called leader, Bush McCain and the minority leader said it would pass and it did not!! They could not get their own party to back it.

    The current Republican leader Bush, remember him the GOP President that has distroyed this country, and his advisors wrote this bill and expected us to just take it. The Dem’s should trash this bill and write a new one!!!

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