Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | September 28, 2008

Who is more Viscious than an HBO Gangster? ACORN

A few of us are starting a second blog.  You can help.  We want to be live by Monday.

The entire blog is on ACORN, the Obama Connection, Voter Fraud, Embezzlement, Union Connection, and the Mortgage “Counseling” (which has lead to some of the bad loan products that have helped to the demise of our Economic system as we know it.).

If you know of an article or video that we should log for the blog (that is phase 1 – gather library of info) — please go over there and put it in the comments.  We will add the link and delete the comment.   Blogs Against ACORN is the name of the blog.  More will be coming.  We are tired of our tax dollars going in useless places.

Join our Political Pork Posse

This is an easy way to get involved with no risk and minimal effort.  You don’t even have to leave your keyboard.  😉  See you there.

We may even be able to link Oprah here … let’s see where the trail goes.

Head Lipstick Piggy.



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  2. Um, you might want to hit your spell-check button before you send out blogs. When you misspell the most descriptive word in your heading, it really doesn’t help your case much. [this isn’t an English blog… we are not “proving a case” sheeple…]

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