Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | September 26, 2008

Pork in Dem BailOut Plan | Your Tax dollars contribute to voter fraud organizations

House Republicans refused to support the Henry Paulson/Chris Dodd compromise bailout plan yesterday afternoon, even after the New York Times reported that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson got down on one knee to beg Nancy Pelosi to compromise.  One of the sticking points, as Senator Lindsey Graham explained later, wasn’t a lack of begging but a poison pill that would push 20% of all profits from the bailout into the Housing Trust Fund — a boondoggle that Democrats in Congress has used to fund political-action groups like ACORN and the National Council of La Raza:

Read the whole story at Hot Air.

More about ACORN

Sen. Obama and some of his top contributors have been involved in ACORN for quite a few years.  Obama cut his teeth with “in your face” politics and power with this organization.  Since his early “community organizer” days, he has represented ACORN in litigation against the State of Illinois as well as he has been the person delivering their leadership training in recent times.

ACORN has years of illegal activities under its belt.  Everything from committing voter fraud (trading drugs for votes, registering underage persons, registering deceased persons in at least 14 states) to most recently embezzlement of $1 MILLION dollars that they tried to hide from their donors and the government.  Most of those involved in the embezzlement are still employed by the organization.  Obama’s highest campaign contributors are providing legal services to ACORN at taxpayer expense.

Besides YOU the taxpayer, funding for ACORN includes contributions from The United Federation of Teachers.  ACORN has cheated the citizens of New York City out of 25 buildings that they turned over to squatters planted by ACORN. 

ACORN was founded by members who originally either belonged to or were instrumental in the National Welfare Rights Organization.

Congressman Barney Frank has received numerous requests from our Sentate and House Republicans to hold hearings on ACORN since the embezzlement surfaced.  I could not find any information that this has happened.  In the meanwhile, 20% of voter registration that ACORN submitted in CT were bad.  This is again causing taxpayer expense. 

I think all monies to ACORN and similar “charitable” organizations should stop until our country gets it’s economic train back on track.  A full investigation should occur and we should encourage the press to force Congressman Barney Frank to act or leave Washington.  Massachusettes voters could save us all a lot of trouble by voting him out.

What do you think?  To learn more about ACORN go to this great article by Stanley Kurtz – Inside Obama’s ACORN   and Cover Up on Citizen Wells



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  2. How do we start a grass roots effort to HALT these lunatics????? It’s going to have to start with Obama and the rest of the Dem’s in congress and the house….

  3. There are two ways to do this… the nice way and the stealth way. heh – seriously.

    Each of these people receives power from three sources: 1) the people – only as long as they need a vote 2) other politicians 3) donors

    So to take out Obama — you must
    a) create assaults on state campaigns that directs DNC money away from him and to the states. Create a money drain so great in 9 areas at once.

    b) launch effective internet campaigns that crumble the base. (video and blogs are most effective)

    c) Pick 1-2 large donors or supporters and begin to wipe them out… several ways of doing this. (of course in Obama’s case – many of his largest contributors are self-imploding)… must be willing to get 1-200 people to an event (like protesting in front of a prominent business all over the country) or boycott first weekend of new movies, etc. You need something that the every “man” can do.

    d) you stay coordinated using a membership type of site…twitter for email/text blasts, etc you can set these up very easily and mostly free if you don’t mind ads and don’t get too fancy.

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