Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | September 25, 2008

Gossip or Truth? Real Story behind McCain to Washington | Obama and Amedmajd?

Saw this on a News Blog — I can see today is going to be as interesting as yesterday.  We need a name for this Soap Opera


Bill Clinton told the world today on CBS that this mess was caused by the democrats. That the democrats voted against John McCain’s (& Bill Clinton) co-sponsored bill. Bill Clinton said they did the same thing to him while he was in office. He also said that this was not a political stunt.

Paulson called Phil Graham yesterday and asked him to get McCain back to Washington. So, this was no political stunt.

Bill Clinton has said that in no way the republicans fault since the democrats are on record as to voting no to anything to try and fix the Fannie Freddie mess.

As I said yesterday, Bill Clinton is not going to let anyone smear his legacy. That is what Obama was doing when he blamed Phil Graham. What Obama failed to say was that the bill that Phil Graham authored was signed by Bill Clinton in 1999. Obama is the weak one. He is the scared one.

He did not want to debate John McCain in all of the debates that McCain suggested early on. Apparently Obama is the one that cannot do two things at one time.

For the democrats to try and pin this on the republicans is a laugh. The record is out there and it is clear. We need to hold our democratic leaders responsible, and we need to let the talking heads know that this is unacceptable.

I will be travelling to middle Georgia today to speak to a group of women regarding this issue. I suggest that everyone else get this word out.

Also, Jody Evans, an Obama bundler threw a party for Amedmajd earlier this week. Doesn’t that make you wonder where the money is coming from to support Obama’s extravagant campaign?



  1. “Jody Evans, an Obama bundler threw a party for Amedmajd earlier this week.”

    Did you mean Ahmadinejad? If so, that’s the worst misspelling of anyone’s name I’ve ever seen.

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