Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | September 25, 2008

Bush | McCain | Obama Meeting today – Behind the Scenes

Sent: Thu Sep 25 07:26:11 2008
Subject: Bush/Obama/McCain meeting

Here’s what we know about today’s White House meeting with President Bush, Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain:

* It’s been pushed 5 mins later to 4:00pm. Cameras will go in at the START of the meeting. CNN is pool and TRYING to get it live, but NO promises.

* The White House is not sure how long the meeting will go. They say maybe 45 mins.

* Invited were, of course, Senators Obama and McCain, as well as Sen. Reid, Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Boehner, Sen. McConnell, as well as possibly some other Hill leaders.

* It’s POSSIBLE that Paulson and Bernanke will attend. White House is checking.

4 pm THE PRESIDENT Meets with Bicameral and Bipartisan Members of Congress

Cabinet Room, The White House

POOL AT TOP – TAPE (for now)


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