Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | September 24, 2008

Obama Speaks | Not going to do the work to get this fixed

Spent first few minutes rehashing his proposal.

Says how many calls he made to Congress and Secty Paulsen.  There is time for politics and time to do what is right at this time.  Risk of doing nothing, is too great for country. Important to send clear signal to congress…. this should not be partisan.

In respect to debate… Obama thinks this is the time the people need to hear from who they will elect.  President must be able to do more than one thing at once.  Debate should go forward.

Repeats he has spoken to people every day this week.  [Ed inferance: Does not feel going to Washington to do the work is important.]  Not confuse Presidential politics with the delicate negotiation of the day.  [Ed note:  hmmm… why won’t he go and negotiate too?  Why won’t he work for us the People?]

Feels the phone calls with Congress and Secty Paulsen are sufficient at this time.  Obama said to have called McCain this morning (AFTER he was reached out by Republican Congressman).



  1. Ed he never said “Does not feel going to Washington to do the work is important.” He said that is important to the people that they continue the debate. Why is it that McCain cannot do both? What if this takes a couple of weeks? Then we only have a few weeks left for the debates. This election is to important to our country!

  2. No one said — he said does not feel going to washington… That is an Editor Inference… read please before you comment.

    McCain is focussing on what is important to America and doing his job as a Senator. Unlike Obama who is not doing his job as a Senator. But that is more of the same from Obama. It is a pattern of behavior.

  3. How much of McCain’s job has he done in the last 16 months, how many votes has he done? He can be apart of this and still do the debate.

  4. It is important to Americans to hear what these two have to say. And since McCain does not take questions from reporters anymore, the debates are the only way we can hear him say something other than a speech.

  5. Not to burst your bubble but this debate was to be on foreign policy of which Obama has no experience. I don’t need to hear self-pontification when there could be action in Washington.

    It is safe to say that every minute Obama is outside of Washington, not doing his elected job — he delays the process and resolution because either Nancy must check in with Obama or he with her in order to understand what is happening. If he were there in Washington, a rehash and often misinterpreted or abbreviated discussion would need to occur. Decisions, real ones could be made and move on.

  6. In addition, every hour or minute Obama ties up the Secretary of the Treasury or anyone in Congress because he cannot make it to Washington is time he is robbing the American people of coming to resolution. Why should they waste their time and our tax dollars on rehashing and repeating for his on information when he has no intention of showing up and acting?

  7. “Not to burst your bubble but this debate was to be on foreign policy of which Obama has no experience.”

    I agree he is weak on foreign policy, that is why it is even more important that we hear this debate. So McCain going to Washington for a photo op. and a political show is going to accomplish anything?

    It looks to me that the market is not destroying itself, it seems to be going up and down, not just down. So I think that they need to make sure that they do this right, not just slam it through Congress like the Bush Admin. tried to do.

    I am 31 years old and what I see from the GOP in my life is: When they have had 2 terms in office, Regan and Bush 2, we have had a bailout of $500 billion the savings and loan scandal. (who was one of the people in that scandal? McCain! And we now have a bigger bailout for Bush 2.

    This is a trend that I hope as a taxpayer that we can get away from.

    I love my country and I hate to see politicans on both sides take advantage of Americans!

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