Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | September 23, 2008

Day 42 | NBC and SNL Crossed the Line | Obama debases himself at the Party

As if we need one more reason to boycott NBC, this weekend SNL showed how low Hollywood and General Electric (GE) can go in politics.  I think if you haven’t already written to GE to tell them how pitiful they are, now is the time.

They allowed the subject of incest to become a conversation of humor, which thankfully backfired on SNL.  Every victim of incest and family violence should be rightfully outraged.  There was absolutely no humor in this show.  SNL brought further shame on the campaign of Barack Obama.  But wait there is more.

If GE or NBC wouldn’t condone this abhorrent behavior, it wouldn’t exist.  The fact that the likes of Chevy Chase have proclaimed SNL should destroy Sarah Palin is unbelievable.  The fact that the NY Times was not outraged for being portrayed as perveyors of lies further solidifies my view of them as an unreliable news source.

The Emmy’s by all report was just as debasing for the Democrats.  One would think that Sarah Palin and not Barack Obama was running for President!  The timing of Obama’s “private” fundraiser without press has shown that he most likely suggested and supported prime time slander and smears of the Palin family.

Obama is clearly unfit to hold the sacred office of President of the United States of America.  He absolutely could stop this act of violence that he is instigating and shoving down the throats of decent Americans.   Political satire is a mainstay of politics but this was not funny.  His website and emails tell his constituents to “get in the face of your neighbors.”  He is not a leader of the Change I want.  I don’t want an America who looks the other way as people are victimized.  I don’t want an America that calls people with different political or moral beliefs, “disabled.”

There has never been such a vile and shameful candidate as Sen Obama is proving himself to be.  It leaves me to believe that Chicago, Oprah, Obama, and mob corruption are the real Evil Empire that we face in this world.  Their behavior shows me that the true enemy is the one within.  They are the enemy of The People. 

Hollywood is addicted to two things —

  • your approval and adoration – like they have any real relevance in our lives
  • your money – if you tune out to their shows, tune out to their movies, tune out to their fan magazines — they will tune into your view of entertainment or cease to exist.

No matter what their fame or fortune or self-described political brilliance, it is time that America stood up together for what is right and turn them off.  Award shows should not be for political statements.  They should be to forward the art of entertainment.  However, what they aired does not entertain me.  Rather it wreaks of foul odors.  I go to see movies and turn on TV because I CHOOSE to be entertained.  If you don’t entertain me, I’ll turn you off.

Per Reuters, “The 60th annual Primetime Emmys show, roundly panned by critics as perhaps the worst ever, laid a big, fat ratings egg as well, with early figures pointing to the smallest audience in the awards’ history.”  In prior years, 1990 had the lowest rating and this show fell below that!

I think America is bored with the politics of Hollywood.  I don’t want the mindless money of Hollywood to determine my President.  There is no value to have entertainers shape our politics.  There is nothing that being an entertainer does that makes an entertainer a political expert on any level.  Smearing good people who have given their lives in service of our country is not entertaining at all. That is true on both sides of this equation.

Obama’s silence at this outrageous behavior sends a very loud message to me that he is NOT THE ONE to carry out the solemn and serious job of President of the United States of America.  If he actually wins in this election, we are all the biggest losers.  The shame he brings on his party is far greater than anything I have ever felt before. 

As a serial killer increasing their desire for increasing power over his victims, so are the actions of Sen. Obama.  Perhaps he has studied the behavior of fellow Chicagoan, John Wayne Gacy and is now deploying the same techniques upon the Democratic party.  John Wayne Gacy was “respectable”, he hired young men to do his bidding and then raped and murdered them, burying their bodies on his various properties.  The only difference is that Sen Barack Obama is raping and murdering people with either his words, his encouragement of others (including young men that violate laws believing they are doing the right thing for Obama by hacking into Sarah Palin’s email), or with his obvious silence. 

What happened over the weekend at SNL and at the Emmy’s was wrong.  There is nothing to make it okay. It is rape and attempted murder.  The Democratic party has debased itself by supporting this hideous behavior. 

Where is Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, or any other ranking Democrat in this mess?  Where is our do-nothing Democratic Congress?  Congress IS the body that is supposed to initiate laws and protect the people.  However, they are more interested in their own careers than in anything that makes sense or solving real problems.  We have no solution so the Democratic party is tanking our Economy.  The Democratic party is tanking our Energy initiatives. 

The Democratic party was my party — but they have gone too far.

If you elect any Democrat this year, you may be next.  They don’t appear to have a loyalty to anyone but themselves.  And as in propaganda experts through out history, they will tell you what you want to hear. 

Wake up America!  This is who your beloved Oprah hangs out with.  This is who sponsors her.  Get REAL.

Fox Editor’s Note: When this story was originally published on Fox News at 12:07 pm ET, the video was available on YouTube. It has since been removed and a notice posted that NBC Universal has issued a copyright claim. Many other SNL videos remain on YouTube. 

Now, some bloggers are urging protests of the show be sent to producer Lorne Michaels. The video was not posted on the SNL Web site.




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