Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | September 19, 2008

Gossip from Net | Democrat October Surprise

This particular rumor is all over the net for the last three days.  One blog writer claims to have received confirmation from those deep in the democrats political machine that Joe Biden will step down from the Democratic ticket on October 5th due to health issues.  The specific health issue is cited as aneurysm.  He will be replaced by Hillary Clinton.

The timing is to occur after the VP debate on October 5th to avoid Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton from entering into a debate with Gov Sarah Palin where she may not prevail.   A couple of these blogs further state that Joe Biden would be offered a consolation prize of Secretary of State.   Now I know this must be a joke.

Found this funny image on

You can search in Google: “rumor biden aneursym october 5” to get a list of blogs and cable news sites sporting this rumor.

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  1. i have heard that also. Sounds like something he would do.

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