Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | September 18, 2008

Oprah Boycott Update | GE Suffers Losses |Oprah Shows Hypocrisy – Audience Flees

GE is prime to respond to YOU at this time.  They are desperate for your dollars.

GE, Parent company of NBC, shares are down — they have lost about $46.7 Billion over the past week.  (17% of its market share)

GE is a prominent sponsor of the controversial Oprah Winfrey TV Show.  Talk show diva and black billionaire Oprah Winfrey has snubbed her nose at her audience, who are largely made up of white women per Neilsen.  It started when Oprah Winfrey gained fire from feminists when she announced her support of Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton. 

It continues as her audience wants to see her support of women in leadership roles and learn more about Sarah Palin.   Oprah refuses to have a conversation with Gov Palin on or off her show.  While she proclaims to not use her platform for political candidates, she parades around the country raising a self-proclaimed victory hand with Sen Obama.  Her audience and consumers are fleeing in droves as they are outraged by her hypocracy and indifference to them.

GE has divisions in Appliances, Aviation, Consumer Electronics, Electrical Distribution, Energy, Finance (Business and Consumer), Healthcare, Lighting, Media and Entertainment, Oil & Gas, Rail, Security and Water.

Their tentacles have the ability to reach into every aspect of your life.   As we enter a pre-holiday season and you prepare for your Halloween and Autumn celebrations – DO NOT PURCHASE GE products.  You can learn more about GE products at their website.

Ways you can Boycott GE

GE is the largest national supplier of holiday lighting.  This season save money by using less lights and using what you have.  Do not get swayed into buying new designer lighting.

GE Housewares develops everything from coffee makers, irons and numerous small appliances that are often purchased as wedding or holiday gifts.  Look at labels carefully — if it says GE — say good bye.

GE Appliances are heavily featured on Oprah’s site. If you are lucky enough to have money to spend in these areas, consider alternative products.  Look for best buys on alternatives.

Increase your boycott of GE by refusing to watch NBC’s Primetime Lineup this Fall


*New programs in UPPER CASE (with the exception of “ER”)

8-9 p.m. Chuck
9-10 p.m. Heroes

8- 9:30 p.m. The Biggest Loser: Families
9:30-10 p.m. KATH & KIM
10-11 p.m. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

9-10 p.m. Deal or No Deal
10-11 p.m. Lipstick Jungle

8- 8:30 p.m. My Name Is Earl
8:30-9 p.m. 30 Rock
9- 9:30 p.m. The Office
9:30-10 p.m. The Office/ SNL THURSDAY NIGHT LIVE
10-11 p.m. ER

8-9 p.m. CRUSOE
9-10 p.m. Deal or No Deal
10-11 p.m. Life

8-9 p.m. Dateline NBC
9-10 p.m. KNIGHT RIDER (Encores)
10-11 p.m. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Encores)

7- 8:20 p.m. Football Night in America
8:20-11 p.m. NBC Sunday Night Football



  1. This is stupid! If Palin is so important why was she not on the show before she was picked from nowhere to run for an office she is not qualified for. All of the sudden Oprah has to interview her because you say so. She is not having any canidates on!!!

  2. “GE, Parent company of NBC, shares are down — they have lost about $46.7 Billion over the past week. (17% of its market share)”

    Where did you get these numbers?

  3. It was a Reuters article. You can read for yourself at

  4. Chris you are absolutely right, the numbers looked fixed; GE is losing money not because of this stupid boycott, but because of the economy. Are white women this delusional??? What has Sarah Palin done so great and if she was so great wouldn’t we have heard of her. Why do you keep ignoring the fact that the man she is Married to tried to separate Alaska from America. I think McCain is the one who insults your intelligence, not mine. Did anyone see the interview she did? It was the most pathetic thing I’ve seen from a “politician” in a long time. Get off your ass and do some real research!! Instead of wasting valuable time and energy on Oprah; Why didn’t these “Republican Women” get up in arms about the gas prices. GET YOUR PRIORTIES TOGETHER, Simple-minded fools!!!!

  5. HELLO – selective reading one. The Statement is that GE is suffering losses — so they will be more likely to be in a listening mood. There are currently several groups boycotting GE. The Oprah group is only one. Each has their own pet peeve.

    Beyond the Oprah boycott, issues with GE includes reports:
    – that GE is selling power generating sytems to Iran.
    – a GE plant has led to the PCB contamination of the Houstatonic River in Massachusetts. They have yet to provide an acceptable plan to the EPA for how they plan to glean this up.
    – GE exploring Indian civil Nuclear Power along with powering other existing plants
    – there is a very long list of grievances at this time with the practices of General Electric. Do you own search.

    ah I see Sarah Palin scares you. What has Obama done for the people of Illinois that he purports to represent. Well — he did vote PRESENT a majority of the time. All Americans are outraged at gas prices. I don’t think this is a partisan issue. It is not a sexist issue and it certainly is not a race issue. And believe it or not, the World is outraged.

    I really don’t get what your fear is. Well perhaps you have joined the Cult of Obama instead of the Democratic Party who nominated Obama. There is a difference. Just as it would be equally foolish to join the Cult of any Politician.

    What I find interesting is I get email from Obama (because I am a Democrat) that specifically states to intimidate and get in the face of my neighbors, etc. I don’t find unreasonable debate to be appealing to the way I work or think.

    I think being falsely outraged as a political ploy and watching people like you do that Obama Goose-Step without a thought of reason or sanity would be extremely comical except you all believe what you say.

    As we state often — WE ARE NOT ALL REPUBLICANS or WHITE or BLACK, etc. The fact is that Oprah’s audience is largely white. This is a fact of her website as well as her show. You may not like it. But it is true. Black women don’t really seem to be interested in what Oprah has to say. At least that is what their viewing pattern, internet pattern, and buying power shows. This Boycott is not a WHITE woman only boycott. It is an American boycott. Stop trying to make this boycott about race, sex, or political party. While one group of women started the boycott, does not mean they are alone.

    This site is for those who DO want to join together in support of these women and in support of what some believe is the inequality of women in America as highlighted by this campaign. It is a place to discuss the rumors, news, and doings of this group.

    I think we have enjoyed great and intelligent debate from people here on both sides of any particular issue. A debate where people have shared their ideas and yet not found it necessary to attack each other.

    So far all I have gleened from those that support Obama is that they are angry beyond reason and often have no real facts to share as they attack first and never listen. I have enjoyed reading posts from varying positions when they are filled with anything of a fact instead of an attack.

    I don’t tend to hang out with the bullies. What a sad America this would be if everyone adopted the attitude of attack first — learn second. Isn’t that exactly the attitude that many argue got us in a war that many don’t want?

  6. The circular conversation of some people reminds me of the question. If there are five apples and you take away three — how many do you have?

    TWO, TWO, TWO yells the angry mob. They get most people to believe they only have two.. until they actually look down at the apples and count them to find three. Maybe they eat one right then to make the erroneous answer of two more correct. LOL

    At any rate — there is no black or white (meaning color, not race) to politics. There are only varying degrees of grey based upon what you believe. Then you need to make up your own mind from there. We are Americans not cultish followers of the Tali-ban last time I checked my passport.

  7. I think GE might be a good sponsor to hit ’cause they are probably her largest sponsor and are not necessarily women-friendly.

    I’m a former Oprah fan who has finally decided I like myself too much too watch her show anymore. What was I thinking? Ya know, she has every right to endorse a political candidate and I actually respect her for this. However, the way she handled herself in my view was unprofessional and deceptive. She had Obama on the show twice and fanned all over him announcing that he would be in her view a great presidential candidate. Then she slams the door shut to other candidates, including two women on the ticket. She is not fooling anyone with her games.

    I don’t really think Palin should go on the show at this point. I think the woman has way too much class to get mixed up with a messed up woman like Oprah.

    Oprah threw her fans under the bus to promote this candidate she calls “the one.” The entire ordeal is desperate, deceptive, biased and at times creepy.

    Obama threw his pastor and grandma under the bus. He’s got Biden partially there. He is trying to put the American Public there as well.

    Ladies, turn off the show, don’t buy the magazine, don’t listen to her radio show.

    Do something absolutely fantastic, absolutely BETTER with your time.

    Personally, I no longer pay ANY attention to Oprah or the candidate she endores as well. Goodbye and click.

  8. I think that Palin should maybe take a question from the media before she goes on Oprah. Why will the GOP not let her talk with anyone? A couple of interviews is not enough to know what she stands for. She needs to start taking questions and doing more interviews. Then I will worry about her being on Oprah.

  9. So Palin finally took 4 questions from reporters! You tell me if you feel better about her or worse?

  10. I must have missed this. When? What channel?

  11. It was on thursday in New York at Ground Zero. You can search on Youtube. It should be easy to find it is one of theonly time she has taken questions from reporters. Let me know what you think. It looks like she took another questions in Grand Rapids too.

  12. I am not as concerned about who endorsed who. What I AM concerned about is that Oprah, and Soros have bought and sold the MSM to only give slanted coverage for “The One”

    Rampant caucus and voter fraud, two documentaries coming out about it, investigations going on everywhere, video taped cheating and ORGANIZED voter intimidation and stealing of vote sheets, adding bogus names all of that is not news? If a candidate is running a campaign of intimidation and cheating on this scale you bet your ass that’s news. If Clinton or McCain or anyone else who didn’t buy off the media and attempt in their incredible narcissism to buy a president for themselves, did this?

    Their entire career would be over because the media would blow this up to get ratings.

    Everyone knows how slanted this was…the question is why? G.E. sponsors Oprah, they also OWN MSNBC, the connections are being made.

    So not only did you have rampant cheating, you had control of the media so that nobody could find out early enough, AND so their candidate of kingdom’s choice would never be vetted. Stories were slanted, lies were repeated as facts about anyone who went against Obama.

    To top it off, if Obama lies nobody says a word but, the MSM repeat it all as fact.

    The news has been completely corrupted and the average American doesn’t know what they don’t know anymore. Not many research that deeply on their own unfortunately.

    Yes, boycott Oprah, boycott G.E. and boycott anyone who attempts to control the election process.

    Think these fraudulant votes are not that important? Well, if you voted anyone but Obama they cancelled out your vote totally.

    Over three hundred thousand fraudulant registrant complaints for the General Election have already been filed. Even dogs names have been “registered” ACORN is behind all this AND the Obama campaign.

    It’s actually worse than ANYTHING Nixon did when he cheated to “win” The story IS going to come out and when it does I’ll be very surprised if Oprah is not charged with something illegal …I know many,many who did this directly from INSIDE the Obama campaign will be.

    Lawyers, film makers and investigators are on it and if they think we can be intimidated into going away OR that we will let up on this if Obie steals the G.E. they are sorely mistaken.

    He’s a fraud who is lying to his supporters AND commited rampant organized vote stealing in the primaries and is attempting to do so in the G.E.

    Oprah HAS to know this is going on..she is so far up in the clouds she doesn’t care. Only “O” thinks she knows what is best for us all.

    Well, she was wrong about “The Secret” It was a scam,

    She was wrong about James Frey, another liar.

    She was wrong about that teacher she vetted who molested that little girl at that school she started, she never should get into areas she has ZERO expertise in.

    AND she is utterly wrong about Obama, another scammer. Lying to the American people and fraudulently exploiting voter rights. Rights people have fought and died for. AND making a mockery of the run for the White House…everyone whether you voted for Obama or not should be outraged because when this all comes out and make no mistake it’s going to, Obama will have SHAMED the first serious run for president of an African American and we all deserved better. We deserved someone who ran a campaign of INTEGRITY. He claims to be a different ‘kind” of politics?

    Oh he’s that alright, he’s a backstabbing, vote stealing liar and the American people deserved far better.

    If you worked for any campaign in the democratic primary, gave money, for months on end then no matter who that candidate was you were cheated. Obama usurped the process with fraud and broke several U.S. constitutional rights.

    Oprah is in this like a dirty shirt. Tell G.E. that you will get the information out there. You are boycotting any product they make or any show or service they back and you are telling others every day to do the same and why.

  13. […] GE Suffers Losses – includes detail of ways to Boycott GE, Products and NBC/MSNBC […]

  14. I like how you fail to mention that Fox is in the tank for the GOP, like MSNBC is the one network that has picked a side. I watch both and read both websites, it seems that MSNBC favors Obama, but they will point out when he is wrong, or “Lies”. FOX lies on a regular basis!!! When it comes to voter fraud it can not be tollerated. Where were you in the last two elections when the GOP had voter fraud all over the country, now it is important to you since McCain is going to lose because of his poor judgement in picking Palin.

    Even conservative writers are calling for her to step down.

    Why do I not see any stories about that on this website?

  15. Here is why I no longer work for General Electric. This is my letter of resignation from last year. I signed a document saying i would not speak of this in order to receive my last paycheck.

    To whom it may concern,

    It is my intent to terminate my employment with G.E.
    Water and Process Technologies. My last day will be
    9-21-07. This is for the following reasons:

    On 9-6-07 Mike Gretchen our EHS leader attempted to
    bully me. I had raised a concern to Carol McGee our HR
    person about an off color remark made to me by Mr.
    Gretchen. Mr. Gretchen told me he didn’t recall making
    the statement, and that if I had a problem with
    anything he says, I should talk to him about it, and
    not anyone else. I’m sure he won’t be able to recall
    this either. I’ve also been waiting for about 6 weeks
    for a $5.00 chinstrap for my hard hat, that according
    to another employee, Mr. Gretchen cannot find to
    purchase. I found one in 2 seconds by typing “hard hat
    chin strap” in a google search. I need this in order
    to keep my hard hat on while wearing a full faced
    resporator, So basically, I’ve been holding my breath
    allot the past six weeks. I used to remove my helmet
    while wearing my resporator, but i was told not to do
    it any more.

    I have also raised many concerns regarding rules and
    regulations that for the most part have been ignored
    or swept under the rug. Some examples:

    Continuing production when SAP goes down. This is a
    direct violation of ISO standards. Basically, we are
    told to write down lot numbers on the process order,
    and hand write labels for raw materials being prepped.
    On several occasions, material that is in quality hold
    has ended up in batches due to this practice. If you
    pull the process orders from days where SAP is down,
    you’ll see notes written on the front of them that
    says “Gunwork needs done”

    Steamate NA1321 is shipped in non-UN approved
    containers. This is a placarded ammonia based product.
    Nobody seems to understand that this container must
    have UN markings, and be UN tested. Currently putting
    this product in what is known as an 82 semi-bulk
    container. Should go in a 86 semi-bulk container. Also
    these containers never get cleaned, we put the same
    product back in it after it comes back from the
    customer empty. The seals leak on these containers
    frequently, sometimes after it has been loaded on a
    truck for shipment.

    if the finished product is going into a reusable
    semi-bulk container, it is basically junk, because
    NONE of the semi-bulk containers are cleaned out to
    unified standards. Also, there is no way to determine
    what the last product in the tote was, so you could be
    putting a kosher product into a tote that last had an
    oil based product in it. When prepping a mixer for a
    unified batch ALL delivery equipment should be steamed
    and rinsed with DI water, i.e. pumps, hoses, meters,
    transfer lines, etc. This is not always the case, and
    I’ve never seen anyone steam out the delivery meters
    and hoses on the deck in three years. The raw material
    CI-166 is a non-unified product that gets run through
    the delivery meters daily. Products that require a
    unified cleanout with DI rinse are either made or
    transfered into the Vertical Tanks in the EP room.
    There is no DI water line in that location to perform
    such a task. I brought this up when Joe Alexander was
    our acting plant manager. He told me to write it up to
    maintanence, which I did. They installed a “T” in the
    DI line, but never ran the sillcock drop to the
    vertical tanks. I’ve also personally stopped bad
    product from being shipped. Example: i noticed an
    operator making a food-grade FDA product (Steamate
    FM1003) right after a silicone based batch (Prochem
    6A2). Had I not raised a concern, it would have
    shipped out.

    These markings must be able to withstand 90 days
    submerged in seawater. Ours are made from paper, not
    vinyl. They won’t last 30 seconds under a garden hose.

    frequently have the wrong semi-bulk container listed
    as the package to use for the product. Non-UN totes
    are ordered when in fact it needs to be in a UN
    approved container. This is a big one: KOSHER PRODUCTS
    has the kosher marking on the label, but the process
    order makes no mention.

    POOR ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS: The scrubber systems
    provide little or no ventilation in most packaging
    areas. The scrubber system is not set up to release
    pressurized vapor from empty mix vessels into the
    scrubber system. The mixers are either aired down
    straight out the roof, or the operator attempts to
    work the automatic valve to the scrubber, usually
    resulting in the vapor being blown out into the
    production area via pressure release flaps in the duct

    LACK OF BASIC HAND TOOLS: example: we have one wrench
    in the whole building to tighten down the fine
    threaded bung on poly-insert 55 gallon drums. So if
    you need it, the company pays us to walk around for 30
    minutes trying to find it. We also lack certain hose
    adapters, etc.

    NO OIL WASTE TANK. Even it is OK to put our waste oil
    into the non-hazardous waste water tank (I’m not even
    sure that it is) I feel it is negligent at best. What
    about ECOMAGINATION? I know I’m not allowed to dump my
    used motor oil into my kitchen sink. We make millions
    of pounds of oil based products a year, and the mixer
    heels and mixer cleanouts go straight to the
    non-hazardous waste water tank, that in turn goes to
    cleveland via Clean Harbors, get’s the pH neutralized,
    and then gets jetted into the Cuyahoga river.

    NO PHYSICALS: I am a member of the HAZWOPER team. None
    of us are really certified, as it states that we must
    receive a physical once a year. The company doesn’t
    offer physicals to anyone. All employees that work
    with potentially hazardous substances should be
    getting checked out, especially the poor guys working
    in the acid room with substances such as hexavalant

    Honestly, I could go on and on, but this tires me. I
    would highly recommend that someone look into these
    matters quickly so that there is no reason for me to
    contact the National Sanitation Foundation, Loyd’s
    Quality Assurance, DOT, EPA, etc.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Seth Reber
    Chemical Operator, 2nd Shift
    New Philadelphia Plant
    GE Betz
    SSO: 218010233

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