Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | September 18, 2008

47 Days |Oprah Boycott Widens | Congress & Economic Treason! (part 1)

Oprah Sponsor Boycott Widens to include Health & Wellness

Today we add Health and Wellness to our List of Oprah Sponsor Categories.

In particular we have identified these companies as ones that will show up on the sponsor list.  Remember you can get full contact details for these firms by Clicking on the Wellness category heading.  In addition, we often list alternative products on those pages.  If you rely on one of these products for your heath (such as to regulate diabetes) DO NOT stop using the product without the approval of your personal physician.

You can choose your personal form of boycott. 

  • Notify company of your feelings.
  • Select One or more products/brands to boycott
  • Notify your friends of your feelings and encourage them to join you.
  • Stage an event in your home town where you bring a certain product and have a mass throw away
  • Notify your retailers that you are boycotting a brand or product
  • Notify your local media that you are boycotting a brand or product
  • All of the above

Featured Sponsor: Johnson and Johnson – Brands include:

  • Baby Care Products – Johnson;s, Bebe, Penaten, Prim’age,, Johnson’s bedtime, Johnson’s Soothing Naturals,, Desitin, Natusan
  • Skin and Hair Care – Neutrogena, Johnson’s, Shower-to-Shower, Piz Buin, Aveeno, Lubriderm, Ambi Skincare, Vendome, Clean & Clear, Purpose, Roc, Rogaine
  • Wound Care and Topicals – Band-Aid, Bengay, Caladryl, Purell, Neosporin, Cortaid, Savlon, Compeed, Tucks , Daktarin
  • Oral Health Care – Listerine, Efferdent, Rembrandt, Reach
  • Women’s Health – StayFree, Monistat, CareFree, E.P.T, K-Y, O.B.
  • Over the Counter Medicines – Tylenol, Sudafed, Rolaids, Dolormin, Motrin, Motilium, Mylanta, Zyrtec, Benadryl, Imodium, Pepcid, Nicorette
  • Nutritionals – Splenda, lactaid, Benecol, Sun Crystals, Viactiv
  • Vision Care – visine,  Acuvue

Johnson and Johnson makes an entire line of Prescription products, Medical Devices and Diagnostics.  My opinion is that any decision on your part to not use one of these must be discussed with your personal physician.  we are not going to list any of these products or brands here.  No political or personal statement around Oprah is worth risking your health. She is simply not worth it.


Economic Treason!  More from our Do-Nothing Congress

From some of the questions I’ve received and comments, I decided to put together a little conversation that shows how the bail out lifecycle is supposed to work.  At a very simplistic view the lifecycle looks like this:

  1. You work and get paid
  2. You pay taxes to the IRS
  3. The IRS puts the Money in the Treasury
  4. The Treasury Sells Securities to the Federal Reserve
  5. The Federal Reserve Loans money at unfavorable rates (almost 12%) to a business it is bailing out
  6. Loan payments are returned to the Federal reserve

Now that we have the basic principles of how this is supposed to work we need to look at how we got in this economic mess.  We elect our government officials to represent THE PEOPLE.  Some say it is a fools folly to expect our elected officials to do what they say and take their Representation duties very seriously.  We often are left with ego-centric ethics-challenged baffoons to vote for.  We should closely examine every member of the US House of Representatives that are on the Finance Committee.  Our team has collected a list of the members, where they are from and highlighted those that are up for re-election or retiring (thank goodness).  Over the next few days we will monitor news sources and do some research on how the members of this Democratic led committee are managing the interests of The PEOPLE. 

We hired them.  We must fire them for incompetence if they prove that they have betrayed our trust.  The leadership of the committee should be immediately removed (the House Speaker also must have some culpability of this situation).   Barney Frank should not be allowed to be a leader of any Congressional Committee until we no longer have a deficit in this country (that will be a long time).  Oh yes, and the ones running for other offices such as Senate positions should be banned by their party from doing so.   If WE THE PEOPLE re-elect any of these baffoons we deserve what we get. [sadly one of them is mine] Look for more coming soon.  We will examine campaign contributions and every aspect you suggest to help get to the bottom of this.

If anyone is an economics goddess out there, I would love to chat with you about writing a featured article for us.  Please contact us at


CORRECTION NOTICE:  ALL members of the US House of Representatives are up for election this year.  Our researchers made an oOpS!!.   We have an opportunity for significant change.  We will post all current general election nominees by Monday.  Then we invite your input… who goes and who stays.  Let’s look at them on the basis of their record this last two years.  who were the obstacles… who contributed to the trust of the people.

  First Last State District Note
R Spencer Bachus AL  6 term up
D Jackie Speier CA 12  
R Kevin McCarthy CA 22  
D Brad Sherman CA 27  
D Maxine Waters CA 35  
R Edward Royce CA 40  
R Gary Miller CA 42  
D Joe Baca CA 43  
R John Campbell CA 48  
D Ed Perlmutter CO 7  
R Christopher Shays CT 4 term up
D Christopher Murphy CT 5 term up
R Michael Castle DE  
R Ginny Brown-Waite FL 5  
R Adam Putnam FL 12  
D Tim Mahoney FL 16  
D Ron Klein FL 22 term up
R Tom Feeney FL 24 term up
R Tom Price GA 6  
D David Scott GA 13  
D Luis Gutierrez IL 4  
D Melissa Bean IL 8 term up
R Judy Biggert IL 13 term up
D Bill Foster IL 14 term up
R Donald Manzullo IL 16  
R Peter Roskam IL  6 term up
D Joe Donnelly IN  2 term up
D Andre Carson IN  7 term up
D Dennis Moore KS 3 term up
R Geoff Davis KY 4  
D Don Cazayoux LA 6 term up
D Barney Frank MA 4 CHAIRMAN
D Michael Capuano MA 8  
D Stephen Lynch MA 9  
R Thaddeus McCotter MI 11  
D Keith Ellison MN 5  
R Michele Bachmann MN 6 term up
D William “Lacy” Clay MO 1  
D Emanuel Cleaver MO 5  
D Travis Childers MS  1 term up
R Walter Jones NC 3  
R Patrick McHenry NC 10 term up
D Melvin Watt NC 12  
D Brad Miller NC 13  
D Paul Hodes NH 2 term up
R Scott Garrett NJ 5 term up
R Stevan Pearce NM 2 Run for Senate
R Dean Heller NV 2 term up
R Peter King NY 3  
D Carolyn McCarthy NY 4  
D Gregory Meeks NY 6  
D Nydia Velázquez NY 12  
D Carolyn Maloney NY 14  
D Gary Ackerman NY  5  
D Charles Wilson OH 6  
R Steven LaTourette OH 14 term up
R Deborah Pryce OH 15 Retiring
R Frank Lucas OK 3  
R Jim Gerlach PA 6 term up
D Paul Kanjorski PA 11 term up
R J. Gresham Barrett SC 3  
D Lincoln Davis TN  4  
R Jeb Hensarling TX 5  
D Al Green TX 9  
D Rubén Hinojosa TX 15  
R Randy Neugebauer TX 19  
R Ron Paul TX  14 Presidential Candidate?
R Kenny Marchant TX  24  
D Gwen Moore WI 4  
R Shelley Moore-Capito WV 2 term up

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