Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | September 17, 2008

48 Days & Counting | Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride | Political Ads

Well hasn’t the last few days been a wild ride?  I was thinking of a topic and decided that perhaps we need a mix of levity along with our topic.

Last night Obama had a large fundraiser in Hollywood with entertainment by Barbra Streisand.  It was expected to raise $9M.  McCain is having his own share of fundraisers as well. This has become the most expensive US election ever. Ads follow us on TV and on the internet.   I thought it might be interesting to visit a few of these memory makers.

I found this very refreshing ad for Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952.    It got me to smile and wonder at what point did we become so negative.  so I decided to do a little trip through history.

1956 – Eisenhower Ad targeted for women voters

So fast forward to 1960 – John Kennedy — another light-hearted jingle filled

1960 – John Kennedy – Negative Ad about Nixon

1960 – Nixon – Lodge – Responsible Government, Taxes

1964 – Goldwater – Conscience back in Government

1964 – Johnson – Fear Ad over Nuclear Bomb – stakes are too high to stay home

1972 – McGovern – interesting message…take a listen

1980 – Ronald Reagan – Economic Concerns – Time for Strong Leadership

1980 – Ronald Reagan – Cut Government and create change (sounds very familar)

Found this 1988 Biden Bio – Keep the Democratic Idea Alive

1988 – Bush/Quayle – One of my favorite songs.

1992 – Bill Clinton – Hope, AK – His Story – This is our country, let’s take it back

1996 – Clinton/Gore – Next Century – Safer, More Prosperous

1996 – Dole/Kemp – The Better Man – Moral Crisis in America

2000 – John McCain – Reagan Conservative – Straight Talk

2000 – Al Gore – Change that works for working families

2000 – Bush Cheney – Trust (hmmm… where did this go amuck?) Where did the surplus go? eep! So lets see what he says in the next election.

2000 – Bush-Cheney – Attack on Al Gore

2004 – Bush-Cheney – Wolves, Fear

2004 – Bush-Cheney – Whatever it takes – military emphasis

2004 – Kerry-Edwards – If you believe

And I don’t feel like repeating any ads from 2008 — so what can we take away from this journey through time?  It has been a long time since an ad made us smile.  It has been a long time since an ad inspired us to greatness.  Change has been the message in almost every single campaign and it is a tired message that Americans want but don’t really believe will happen. End a war, striking fear, reducing debt/taxes, change – all have the same theme, and is more of the same from both parties.

Be sure to check out the Oprah boycott page.  If you click on a heading (such as Beauty) you will get the details of how to contact that sponsor.  We’ll be adding some additional sponsors over the weekend.

Many people want to know how to email the Oprah TV show.  You must go to Oprah’s website , click on Contact Us and fill in a form.  There is no readily available email address that I can find.  I’ll have our researchers look for deeply over the weekend.

I said I wanted to ad some levity to this day.  In 2002 John McCain did a SNL skit himself.  McCain Sings Streisand.  Enjoy.


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