Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | September 16, 2008

In the Eye of the Economic Hurricane the Air Stands Still | Will You Take Action or Face “Certain Death”?

Taking a page from our recent history (2001), we had the dot-com bubble burst. It created a horrific period of financial destruction of many internet-driven and technology companies. The basis this burst was that vast financial growth predictions were made without market substance. The aftermath of the dot-com bubble burst resulted with reinvention and reform of the technology market.


We have recently seen the same thing in the housing market which in turn has lead to the most recent financial market bubble burst and implosion. While extremely painful for those living through it, what comes out the other side will be a reformed, improved financial market that is built on fact rather than reams of paper and virtual investments. However, none of this can begin to help those of us at the bottom of the heap that need economic stability now.

So how do we take back control of our financial situation in this seemingly dire time? It is our ability to take ACTION in the face of adversity that will turn the financial markets around. If we REACT instead of ACT, we will be doomed as we will find ourselves diving down a rabbit hole into Wonderland and most likely delay any recovery for quite some time as we are distracted by political and media-driven red herrings. While we are shocked at the unraveling web of intrigue and mismanagement of the mega corporations and financial institutions, we cannot stand idle in shock and awe too long.

We must quickly create money and jobs. Per the SBA, in 2005, small businesses accounted for 99.7% of all of the nation’s employer businesses. The particular strength of the small business is its ability to respond quickly to market needs. Home based businesses alone generated $102 Billion in annual revenue in 2005.

All of this intense revenue generation is in spite of the fact that small businesses fail at an alarming rate. We must immediately find a way to ensure the success of the small business owner and aggressively combat this failure rate.

We must leverage this proven financial force to bolster the economy and create a movement of workers followed by money the likes the world has never before seen. It is time we guarantee the success of the small business by giving them the tools they need to thrive. Let us educate our small businesses in affordable marketing, how to deploy cost-savings green initiatives, create effective pricing structures, and grow as never before. In this age of viral marketing and social communities, leveraging this power is closer than we ever imagined.

We are Americans. We are entrepreneurs. We are creators. We can do this. It is time for us to invest in the success of our local small businesses. To shop with them, to dine with them, to contract with them for services and to ensure their success so that we can ensure the success of every small town in America.

We can make the dollars we have to spend count in our communities. We do not need to be sheeple, lead around by our government. We can lead our government and start creating change today – instead of waiting for Government to create it. How can we create a movement of financial growth that restores our way of life and brings stability to the economy? Share your ideas.

Get us heard on Oprah. We want to KNOW our candidates. If there is more joint dialog, don’t you think we can take back this election from the sleaze we have seen on both sides (especially yesterday)? At every Rally and Town Hall meeting raise the question – what are you doing today to ensure the financial stability of our small businesses? Not what will you do when elected – but starting today – what ACTION are you taking? I think we can drive the message home – we are tired of political chatter. We want to SEE what they can do now. The person who takes action BEFORE the election is more likely to continue that force once in action.

Challenge your House and Senate candidates…get them working for you now. If these nominated politicians won’t work for you now – they won’t work for you later. You know it is true. It is the elephant in the room no one talks about. We start today…together…THIS IS THE REAL WAR. This IS the movement of CHANGE and REFORM.



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  2. Does Ian Falconer even know you’re using his creation(Olivia the Pig) for this purpose? Given the GOP’s track record this campaign season with other artists, I think not.
    This is why people dislike Republicans. They theives, liars, and just plain rude.

  3. Dear Rachael –

    Olivia is used all over the net. Including at such sites as Bitch magazine – (which needs a lot of money by Oct 15th to continue to get their news out – doubt they are Republicans.) Mary Kay’s The Honorary Order of the Greedy Lipstick Pigs – (some may be Republicans) , Blogs such as:,, – all in all there are at least 120,000 spottings of Olivia on the net that I could find. Are you contacting them all? We are not solely Republicans. Oops – guess you got it wrong again and are not reading. Best to you.

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