Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | September 15, 2008

Special – Did Obama Betray our Troops in Iraq?|Are We in an Economic Hurricane?

I was saving some of this for tomorrow’s edition but I sit here in a bit of disbelief and hope someone will come up with fact checks or something about this.  I cannot believe we would sacrifice Hillary for this if it is true.

 Sometimes you just have to wonder what the f%*&^* is happening in this election?  If McCain is sleazy then what is it when a Presidential Nominee starts to negotiate foreign policy to increase their own political career?  I hate to say this even out loud but is that an act of betrayal to our troops?  To say,  I want to be ill, is an understatement of how I feel right now.  Today the New York Post, has an article titled, “OBAMA TRIED TO STALL GIS’ IRAQ WITHDRAWAL” by Amir Taheri  found on these sites: Fox News  New York Post   San Francisco Examiner  all of these site the NY Post article.  

One more disturbing item is the whole Phillip Berg lawsuit mess which can be read at this site. This suit alleges that Obama cannot run for the office of President as he is not a Natural Born citizen.  From what I know which is not from a legal perspective but I thought that Obama’s mother was a citizen therefore he would be.  Supposedly Attorney Phillip Berg has other information he has not released yet. 

I should put these on the rumor page and will after we get some facts.  Until proven as fact, I hate these things.  It’s like a half truth being spread around as people have done to Sarah about so many things and to Hillary too.  Let’s all take a breath and see how the dust settles.  I do hope if the rumor is true that Obama is looking at replacing Biden with Hillary (see rumor page) that she says, “No” until she knows he is through this mess.

Looking for Money Saving Tips, Money Making Ideas and surving in an Economic Hurricane?  We’ve created a new section where we can help each other with practical tips for making our money go further and/or just in making some money.  Check out our Savings Page… I think we all need to start taking action for our own economic preservation.  The tips are easy to do ideas.  Of course they won’t make you rich but they can help add a little bit of breathing room in an otherwise stiffling environment. p.s.  I’ll move this page to the navigation bar and update this link tomorrow.


Editor attempt at getting back to something sane today| No one person can satisfy all of the social injustices, inequalities, and financial woes of a nation or a world.  We should pick a few important things we want in this next Presidential term and stick to them.  My top two are: 

  1. Economic Stability – for where there is economic stability, entrepreneurs will spring forth to create more American jobs. 
  2. Green Energy Sources – we need some real alternatives to the energy sources of today.  We need to educate our citizens about the abundance  we can create by developing multiple sources of green energy.  We can improve our solar, wind, and even our nuclear resources.  We need to be better informed on how to safely harness the energy sources of the earth.

What are your top two important things?  How can you take back your power and contribute to solutions for what you identify?

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my oh my — what a fireworks day.


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