Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | September 15, 2008

Day 49 – Are the Republicans Hijacking Feminism? |Boycott Frontline

 I was reading a blog on another site and found it stunning that there was an accusation of the “Republicans hijacking feminism.”  Now isn’t that the most absurd thing you have ever heard of?

How can any political party hijack a movement or philosophy?  Does this mean that Democrats (of which I am one) are the only people and party who can advocate equality for women?  The Democratic Party clearly abandoned any real advocacy of equality for women when they allowed the slandering and sexism comments directed at Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. 

Great strides have been made at the sacrafice of known and unknown women.  My own Great-Grandmother came to this country at the age of 13 to seek a husband and a better life.  She did not speak English at the time.  Are you kidding me?  13?  When I was pregnant with my first child, my Great-Grandmother often commented how lucky I was that I could show my pregnancy.  Back in the day, she had to wear a long, heavy coat even on the hottest days to do any shopping or go outside.  These same women also nursed their babies on their front step.  I always found the stories so odd that the physical state of being pregnant was somehow “obscene” but public nursing was “A OK”.

So why can’t the Republicans embrace feminism too?  Why aren’t we all celebrating that equality for women is now proven to be embraced by ALL of our political parties?  Why aren’t we celebrating with our political sisters instead of trying to claw them down because they might actually be first?  Maybe we should all be smarter about embracing the women that stand in this election in these vile times.   Maybe we should help them get to Washington.  We have been trying men for centuries…it’s time for a REAL change.  It’s time for a multi-tasking, entrepreneur, family-oriented, active woman in the White House.  Maybe it’s time for someone outside of Washington to help us understand it better. 

In addition to the Presidential Race, there are many Senate and House races.  We have listed the 2008 Senate Races in this site.  Over the course of the next few days, we will add in their views on women.  It is sad that of the 33 seats, less than a handful have a women candidate!  We should help Sarah Palin get heard.  We should embrace her.  Whether her ticket wins or looses will be up to the voters.  But as women, we should learn to behave as a team (like the men do) and support her choice and that of the Republican party to run a good race.  Women are often their own worst enemy.  Women can be more cruel and catty in their comments.

I think we need to stand and say – Sexism is NOT OK.  That is the real reason for this boycott.  We deserve for those with the largest voices for women to provide equal time for women in politics to be heard.  While Oprah has decided not to have Sarah Palin (or any politician on her stage).  She could (as she did for Sen. Obama) go to Sarah’s stage and shout a vote for womens rise to crack the glass ceiling

We should be looking for those businesses, products and services that help to support the rights of women and support them with our shopping dollars.  Conversely, those Media, businesses, services, and products who belittle women because they choose to have a family, because they don’t know the “Doctrine” of politics we don’t want to repeat – should all be boycotted.  Women have the power in this election.  Women are the swing vote in this election. 

Do you have a family story that shows how equality for women has improved over the generations? Share it here or write to us at and we will post it for you.

Today’s boycott is Frontline Pet products owned by Merial Limited.

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  1. Oprah isn’t having ANY candidates on her program! Why do you suddenly care?

  2. Suddenly? hahahaha! Why do you presume we are suddenly feminist?

    If you actually read this post, you would see that we suggested a compromise. We suggested just as Oprah HAS DONE – that she go to Sarah’s stage and embrace this great breakthru for women. Or perhaps she could go on David Letterman’s stage and meet with Sarah. She then does not need to appear weak.

    It has been 24 years since a woman was on a General Election Presidential Ticket. That is a great reason to pop a cork and make a toast. It is even more impressive that this move was made by the Republican party. I personally find it simply stunning. I wish it was Hillary but am very grateful that women are a power in politics at this time.

    What do you care about? Thanks for the question.

  3. “Suddenly” – look at your first blog post date. Of course it is obvious why you care – you will advocate for any woman at all.

    And frankly because I am a woman I must be right, whatever I say!

  4. Nothing is as obvious as you presume. I am not Suddenly feminist. Are you? Your nick gives the impression you are inexperienced.

    So what do you care about? Why are you upset? Why does our right to spend our time and money where we want bother you so much? Do you feel we must be Stepford Feminists and march to what ever you deem correct?

  5. Last response: “suddenly” refers not to your feminism but to your Oprah-boycott. You didn’t boycott her for not having Obama on; what I am pointing out here is an inconsistency – and as for your insistent questions about “what do I care about,” I have a blog; read it.

  6. to NewFeminist:

    I would be glad to read your blog (maybe others too) if you would provide the url. We are not clarvoyient… yet. thx I let people post their urls on their comments. I don’t have no follow turned on. Askimet blocks the porn sites — if there is an abuse — then we will ban an ip address, etc.

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