Posted by: Lipstick Piggy | September 12, 2008

52 Days – Email Wars – Oprah Boycott

This morning I sit shaking my head in the silliness of the accusations from the Obama camp in their latest ad.  How many times have you seen email flame wars or misunderstandings happen due to the use of email?  The Obama Camp ridiculously states, “”You see it in the fact he [Senator McCain] doesn’t use email.”

I suppose there are no real issues to discuss.  No need to try and help the taxpayers understand his economic plan or the depth of his foreign policy beliefs. 

Do you really want a President who uses email as a main mode of communication?  A President who relies on a means of communication that is so frequently misunderstood that it creates huge chasms between people?  A President who does not have the time to pick up the phone and make the personal touches that are required in our foreign policies.  A President who is so niave to want to send sensitive information via email that may be intercepted by terrorists and others that would do us harm both domestically and internationally as we do to others?

Get real.  I want a President who believes in direct contact and mindful communication not an inexperienced politician who relies on the use of Twitter to get a message out.  I don’t want to know what my President is doing now.  This is not a game.  If this is the best the Obama camp can do, I’ll just laugh my way all of the way to the polls.  We cannot afford a President who is more hung-up on the use of email, Twitter, MySpace, and electronic games than being mindful with our foreign policy or our current economic conditions.

Again, I must warn you not to believe everything you read and see in the media and these ads.  Senator McCain has surrounded himself with those that understand the mindful use of technology— examples include former HP CEO Carly Fiorina and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman.  But then again, perhaps this is the Obama Camps way of dissing women leaders once again.  Why is it they have such a serious dislike of women and feel we are all Stepford Wives to be so gullible and susceptible of all of this deception and misinformation? 

On the eve of Hurricane Ike – is this really the conversation we want our President to be concerned about?  Do we want him glued to email or taking action on behalf of our fellow Americans in Texas?  Our Lipstick Piggy community has our fellow Americans in Texas in our prayers and thoughts today. 

Today our Oprah boycott focuses on her “beauty” sponsors.  Please take a moment and contact one of the companies listed on the beauty tab and let them know that you will not be purchasing their products as a show of our solidartity in getting women recognized as more than being a beauty queen.



9/12 – John and Cindy McCain on The View
9/12 – John and Cindy Mc Cain on The Rachel Ray Show
9/13 – Gov Sarah Palin at Carson City NV Rally
9/14 – New Hampshire NASCAR Race – Noon – Loudon, NH

A Proud Lipstick Piggy
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  1. will boycott

  2. Thanks Donna, I know we can make a difference. This weekend focuses on Beauty boycotts. Thank you again for your support and for sending a very clear message to the media machine. We are taking America back.

  3. Anyone with a brain lost all respect for Oprah long ago, during her promotion of Mr. Tolle’s New Earth. I did read the book. Contrary to Oprah’s assertions, it is totally inconsistent with Christianity. Why women still watch her show is a mystery to me! Will try to boycott the sponsors, but its hard to boycott a show that you don’t/won’t watch.

  4. Take a look and learn all about this mess…


  5. PATHETIC::: Did it ever occur to any of the GOP women who are wasting their time boycotting OPRAH that she is probably wealthier than any of you combined and that it would not put a dent in her wealth if you didn’t watch her show or buy her magazines? AND do you not know that this highly intellectual African-American female does not respond to IGNORANCE? Why don’t you boycott Regis and Kelly, or one of the more predominantly caucasian talk shows because they have not had Palin on either. Better yet why don’t you boycott our current, very unpopular, economy destroying, war declaring, weapons of mass destruction masking, president that you worked so hard to put in office. Even further, GET A LIFE AND DISCUSS THE REAL ISSUES!!!! OBAMA FOR TRUTH

  6. bummer. I think you miss the point of the matter. Boycotts are a way THE PEOPLE have used through out history to create social change. It is a way to vote when there is no election. It is a peaceful protest. You can read more about the most successful boycotts at

    You make several assumptions that might be wrong.
    1. you assume everyone here is GOP. As clearly stated in posts and and pages at least one of us is a Democrat.
    2. You assume this is not getting the attention of Oprah or her sponsors (which IS the way to get anyone’s attention). If it were not making press a) you would not be commenting b) Oprah would not be working hard to bring other social issues to light

    Oprah has an audience who is in FACT largely made up of white women. She has consistently brought her audience things they are interested in. Until now…

    I think the people who want to boycott Oprah’s show and/or her sponsors products should be afforded the liberty to do so and exercise their civil liberties. I hope you agree in this constitutional right afforded to all Americans.

    BTW – the last time I looked, President Bush is not running for office. My opportunity to make a change in Washington is this election. My opportunity to make my democratic free choice is on November 4th. I prefer to look forward to the things I can influence and change than to spend one more minute on things that don’t work at all.

    By the sounds of it, you look forward to this election year as well. I find it fabulous that people are energized, passionate about their beliefs and want to work for change. (I hope you want to contribute to the work of change. It is not easy.) I can’t remember this level of passion and vigor for several decades. We have been consistently betrayed by those we elect…on all sides of the issues. I mean look at Charles Rangel. There is a big oops. Doesn’t it just make you want to scream out in frustration and say STOP?

    The men and women who read this site and others like it — want to be heard. We are all frustrated. Wouldn’t it be smarter for us to learn MORE about Sarah Palin and see her more so we can all make an informed opinion rather than relying on the hysterical media? I would hope that Oprah would ask the questions we all want to ask in only the way she can do it. I don’t really see what she is afraid of in this matter. After all she is highly intelligent and I would think could craft a great show. We have less than 50 days to sort through all of the BS and make our individual decisions. Then it is 4 years of something called Change.

  7. Oprah must be stopped from what we’ve allowed her to do for way too long.

    Start thinking for yourselves and please no longer rely on others (Oprah) to tell you wrong is relative.


  8. Palin is a former beauty pageant participant. So this whole “beauty boycott” talk is hilarious.

  9. We aren’t boycotting beauty. Try – Oprah Sponsors. Beauty is a CATEGORY of sponsor. But very glad you are getting a laugh.

  10. hmmm….

    interesting that you rail against email and poo poo the use of the internet as an organizing tool…..

    on your brand new website.

  11. So, why are you using Twitter?

  12. To Thatha:

    I almost spewed my diet coke all over the keyboard. Q. Why use Twitter? A. It’s a tool to use. LOL *eyes rolling*

  13. From boycottoprahsponsors:
    “Oprah has an audience who is in FACT largely made up of white women. She has consistently brought her audience things they are interested in. Until now…”

    Evidently, plenty of white women disagree with you. Every day her show is STILL filled with audiences full of white women who hang on her every word.

    By the way, if using Twitter is a legitimate means of disseminating serious information, then why are you critical of a candidate who uses it? If it’s a silly, insignificant tool, why would you use? Is your message silly and insignificant too?

    Lastly, as an Independent here, I must say that this line

    “I don’t want to know what my President is doing now. This is not a game.”

    is as contrary as one can get to what our founding fathers established. Knowing what our President is doing is not simply a game. If we don’t know what the President is doing, then how can we know if he’s doing what we want him to do? Personally, I take that “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” concept rather seriously. Maybe it just isn’t that important to some people but medium that makes knowledge of the government’s activities more accessible to us all sounds like a good thing to me.

  14. The boycott is a pathetic act of desperation by persns unwilling to recognize the reality of the situation. sarah Palin is smart, beautiful and not qualified to be President of the uSA. She is fine for Alaska and in the future she may qualify but today NO NO NO

  15. Oprah should be boycotted. Oprah claims that the head of a pedophile organization speaks for Jesus Christ in his book, “A Course in Miracles”. Oprah promotes this book and of course by reference, pedophile leader, William Thetford everyday on her radio show. The evidence of women testifying before Federal Hearings about their sexual abuse as children by Oprah’s favorite author’s organization can be found by a link to a website:
    See also Boycott Oprah

  16. Obama continues to prove he does not have the intelligence needed to be the president. He and Biden have said that they weren’t aware of some of the ads and they should not have happened. Well, being that “managing his campaign” is the experience Obama is running on, I would think he should be on top of this! John McCain was a prisoner of war, in which he was brutally tortured every day of his life for years, which affects his ability to raise his arms. He fought so that we could be free today. Obama should be ashamed that he allowed that commercial to air. Lastly, I’m sure the president doesn’t spend hours at the computer on email. That’s not what I want me president doing. Hopefully, he has interns to do that for him.

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